‘Mangroves’ comes out to play for Word of South

A new art form — the first speech-synthesized opera-novella — will debut in Tallahassee at The Challenger Learning Center’s Planetarium on April 6 at 6:30 pm as a pre-festival event for the 2022 Word of South festival.

The 13-minute work—”The Man in the Mangroves Counts to Sleep” (aka Man) is the collaborative result of two Tallahasseeans: composer Dr. James A. “Andy” Moorer, and poet, Dr. Donna Decker.

Decker and Moorer have been joined by “Toy Story” producer Ralph Guggenheim to transform this musical work into an animated short film which will be featured as a work in progress at the event. Decker, Moorer and Guggenheim will unite with Sopchoppy singer-songwriter Frank Lindamood. The presentation will include a Q&A session moderated by Dr. Helen Decker.

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