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Which books may have potential for film or TV options? Rights Available is a snapshot of notable new or upcoming titles that have appeal for studios (and have been shopped). Below are the titles featured in October, November and December issues of The Hollywood Reporterall of which were available to pick up at the time of their respective issue publications.

No Beauties or Monsters (DELACORTE PRESS, DEC. 7)
BY Tara Goedjen AGENCY grandview
stranger things meets veronica mars in this supernatural mystery set in the California desert community of Twentynine Palms, where a young woman returns just as her childhood friend goes missing and she starts having visions of monsters in the night.

Beasts of a Little Land (ECCO, DEC. 7)
BY juhea kim AGENCY UTA
Set against the backdrop of the Korean independence movement during the 1910s, the sprawling story spanning decades includes a massive ensemble of characters but centers on a girl who was sold to a courtesan school and later becomes a famous actor.

All of Us Villains (TOR TEEN, NOV. 9)
BY amanda foody and Christine LynnHerman AGENCY APA
This fantasy story, akin to The Hunger Games, centers on seven old families from a small town that taps one teenager every generation to a duel to the death; the victor gains access to the world’s secret wellspring of high magic.

A Day Like This (LAKE UNION, NOV. 1)
BY Kelley McNeil AGENCY Writer’s House
While driving her young daughter, a woman gets in a car accident. Upon waking up, she’s told that she doesn’t have a child. The woman then has to decipher if her new reality de ella — one where she is also a successful Manhattan artist — is a lie everyone is in on.

As the Wicked Watch (WILLIAM MORROW, OCT. 26)
The debut novel from the journalist begins a series that follows a reporter called upon to investigate the murder of Black women (Hall’s sister was a murder victim). The protagonist must unravel the killing of two victims in Chicago by a presumed serial killer.

Ski Weekend (SPARKPRESS, OCT. 26)
BY Rektok Ross AGENCY The Unter Agency
A teenage survival story follows a sister as she attempts to save her younger brother’s life after their SUV crashes into a snowbank on a road trip, leaving them and their friends stranded in freezing temperatures.

trashlands (LOOK, OCT. 26)
BY alison stine AGENCY Echo Lake
Set in a climate change-altered Appalachia, where plastic is the traded currency, a single mother works as a plastic “plucker” while trying to find her kidnapped son, who has been sold into child labor.

The Death of Jane Lawrence (ST. MARTIN’S PRESS, OCT. 5)
BY caitlin starling AGENCY WME
It’s Rebecca meets The Haunting of Hill House in this story about a practical woman looking for a marriage of convenience to the town doctor who then discovers supernatural secrets in her betrothed’s crumbling family estate.

The Survivors (DOUBLEDAY, OCT. 5)
BY alex schulman AGENCY WME
The family melodrama, which has been compared to Atonementis about three brothers who return to a lakeside cottage to scatter their mother’s ashes and confront a tragic family accident that occurred and sent the boys in separate spirals.

Vanderbilt (HARPERCOLLINS, SEPT. 21)
BY Anderson Cooper and Katherine Howe AGENCY UTA
The rise and fall of one of America’s most well-known families is told by one of their own, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, as the story moves from the wharves of old Manhattan to Gilded Age Fifth Avenue apartments to present-day New York.

The Temple House Vanishing (ALGONQUIN, JULY 6)
BY Rachel Donohue AGENCY WME
A high school student and a charismatic art teacher disappear from an elite Catholic girls boarding school run by repressive nuns. Twenty-five years later, a journalist travels to the school to uncover what happened.

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