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Season 7 of The Expanse will be revived for the seventh time. The sci-fi drama Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, created by James SA Corey, has been renewed for a seventh season on Amazon Prime Video.

Since January 14, Prime Video has had a stronger Monday night debut than any other series, the first time this has occurred since Lynn Raynor.

Allow me to begin this article by stating that there has been no official announcement proposing Season 7 of The Expanse. To be honest, all official statements have stated that Season 6 will be the final, without any hint of a possible continuation series to wrap up the book series altogether. Regardless, this show has previously pulled off supernatural occurrences and has established an extremely loyal fanbase.

While the current situation appears unique, given that the cast and crew knew going into Season 6 that it would be their final season and set out to finish the story, the series finale—and the final season overall—left the narrative door open for the additional story to come, would it be prudent for it to secure funding eventually?

The Expanse is a somewhat apt title, as it felt as if this show could go on indefinitely. Due to the popularity of James SA Corey’s book series, SyFy initially canceled the science fiction dramatization after only three seasons.

However, similar to how the inhabitants of The Expanse colonized the nearby planet group, this show assumed control over the souls of individuals from all over the world. Wil Wheaton, Patton Oswalt, and George RR Martin were just a few of the celebrities who lobbied for the return of The Expanse, as were all of the broad fan crusades.

Additionally, it was profitable! Amazon Prime Video jumped in and renewed the show for three more seasons… before canceling it again following season six.

Naren Shankar, showrunner of The Expanse, told io9 that financial considerations were the primary reason for this – and also why season six was shortened from ten to six episodes:

“Amazon and Alcon Television were the two options. To be honest, you generally decide how much money you’re going to spend on the show’s creation. Additionally, that was the choice. It came down to six episodes. Generally, there is some sort of exchange. Would we have been able to complete ten? Totally. Would we have been able to complete eight? Absolutely. Uh, I doubt we would have been able to tell the season in less than six.”
As depressing as this erasure may be, fans have taken heart in the realization that there is essentially a characteristic consummation highlighting the peak of book six, which also happens to be the point at which season six concludes.

That is because book seven, Persepolis Rising, takes place after a 30-year time jump, which means that a potential seventh season would have to use CGI and cosmetics to mature each character – or even completely recast them, à la The Crown.

The ExpanseSeason 7

Who Will Star in Season 7 of The Expanse?

The majority of the cast members are almost certainly returning for the seventh season. Cas Anvar will reprise his role as Alex Kamal, while Steven Strait will reprise his role as James “Jim” Holden.

Along with Florence Faivre (Juliette “Julie” Andromeda Mao), Shohreh Aghdashloo (Chisjen Avasarala), Shawn Doyle (Sadavir Errinwright), Clarissa Mao (Nadine Nicole), Jasai Chase Owens (Filip Inaros), Josephus “Joe” Aloisus Miller (Thomas Jane), Drummer Walks (Face Gee

The Possibility of a Seventh Season of The Expanse

The Expanse season 7 is still in its early stages of development, making it difficult to determine the show’s future viability, given that it has already established itself as an unviable business property at both SyFy and Amazon Prime Video. Along these lines, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any additional television episodes of this extraordinary show.

This can be altered by the series. The truth is that if the show became significantly more popular on Amazon Prime Video for unknown reasons, and the review examination convinces Amazon or other media organizations to greenlight another season. I have my doubts that this will happen, as it has not done so far, despite Amazon’s massive promotional push and the fanbase hollering about the show to anyone who might tune in for the last six seasons. Whatever the case may be, who knows for certain?

The Expanse Season 7th Trailer

The Expanse Season 7 Storyline

Initially, The Expanse series finale appears to bring the turbulent series – dubbed “Round of Thrones in space” at times – to a blissful conclusion. For as long as anyone can remember, it was unclear how the show would adjust the majority of the books, and after the SyFy Channel dropped the series following Season 3, it seemed impossible that the show would continue in any capacity. After Amazon acquired the series for Season 4, the show found a new lease on life, and with the conclusion of Season 6, it provides long-term fans with an unmistakable and convincing conclusion with few strings attached.

In an interview with Inverse, Holden entertainer Steven Strait stated that Season 6 was “a consolation” because the cast and crew were “ready to finish the story we’ve been working on for so long.” Additionally, Strait believes that the show “nailed the conclusion and imaginatively gives the show the proper send-off.”

Dominique Tipper – who portrays Naomi – explicitly expressed that the show’s conclusion justified the much-insulted inhabitants of the Asteroid Belt, the Belters. Eventually appearing, the Belters truly do impart capacity to the “inners,” those from inward planets such as Mars and Earth.

Tipper asserts, “I believe it is what Belters deserve.” “Moreover, I believe it is what the fans deserve. It’s what we generally strive for as individuals; in all the darkness, there is generally some expectation. Additionally, I appreciate that we completed that, as I believe it is consistent with reality. Now and then, it’s memorable and difficult that such a thing exists. Additionally, I’m relieved that we’ve completed that message rather than another.”

Wes Chatham and Nadine Nicole – Amos and Clarissa, respectively – concur with their castmates, but add that the series’ conclusion is “clashing.”

“This is the first time I’ve played a role of this size and type,” Nicole explains, adding that she believes the depth of the characters and story should ideally stay with viewers for an extended period. “As craftsmen, our goal is to influence the way narratives are told by allowing individuals to live vicariously through these characters and reflect on their existence to feel more heard or understood.”

Chatham continues, pondering the show’s tradition, by stating that he is fine with being known for playing the show’s fan-favorite Amos for the next two decades.

The ExpanseSeason 7

“Man, if people remember me in the future, I’d feel respected and favored,” he says. “That would imply that the things that affected me personally are the things that fans have witnessed. If what I interact within my work is what people are still suspecting and debating, I would feel respected and cheerful.”

Who Is the Expanse’s Primary Antagonist?

External Websites. François Chau was born in Cambodia and plays Jules-Pierre Mao, the owner of the Mao-Kwiatkowski conglomerate. Along with his screen work, he has stage and voice-over projects.

Season 7 Premiere Date and Schedule for The Expanse

The upcoming season will once again consist of six episodes, which will be available on-demand via Amazon Prime. The premiere will take place on January 13, 2023. Every Monday, new episodes of the TV series will premiere. A more detailed listing of episodes is included in the table below.

Episode Number Episode Title Amazon Release Date
7X01 Episode 1 January 13, 2023
7X02 Episode 2 January 20, 2023
7X03 Episode 3 January 27, 2023
7X04 Episode 4 February 3, 2023
7X05 Episode 5 February 10, 2023
7X06 Episode 6 February 17, 2023

Is Season 7 of The Expanse in the works?

Regrettably, the series will not have a seventh season. At the very least, not in the current format. Season 6 of The Expanse has been confirmed as the final season.

Additionally, the season had to be shortened. It was reduced from a likely ten-episode run to six. That was partly due to cost, and partly due to the pandemic. That is why much felt hurt and many questions remained unanswered.

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