10 Strongest Marvel Characters Captain Marvel Beat In The Comics

While movie fans know Captain Marvel as one of the MVPs of Avengers: Endgame, longtime readers of the comics know that Carol Danvers is one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. Though Captain Marvel is a heroic figure, she’s fought numerous Marvel characters both good and evil.

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First appearing in 1967, Carol Danvers has a long history of fights under a variety of codenames. As a solo hero as well as a member of teams like the Avengers, Ultimates, and Starjammers, Carol’s wits, determination, and Kree connections have allowed her to overcome powerful foes on all sides of the heroic divide.

10 Ms. Marvel Vs. Tiger Shark: Duel In The Deep

Ms Marvel (Captain Marvel) Vs Tiger Shark Comics

Tiger Shark is one of the Marvel Universe’s most brutal villains, having previously fought heroes like the Hulk, the Silver Surfer, and Namor to a standstill. When he took part in experimental surgery to heal his injured spine, he gained superhuman strength, speed, durability, stamina, and razor-sharp teeth and claws. And because of his grafted tiger-shark DNA from him, his powers only increase underwater.

In 1978’s Ms Marvel Volume 1 #16, Carol takes to the seas to rescue Namor’s cousin, Namorita, from Tiger Shark. Despite the difficulty of an underwater fight as well as a giant squid attack, Carol is able to render the villain unconscious on his own turf.

9 Captain Marvel vs. Black Panther: Vibranium Violence

Captain Marvel Squares Off Against Black Panther

Black Panther is many things — a genius, a king, an Avenger — and all of these make him a very formidable opponent. For example, in his first appearance, he was able to take out the entire Fantastic Four. His vibranium suit and claws as well as the powers of the Heart-Shaped Herb only add to his might from him.

However, none of this stopped Captain Marvel from getting the best of him in Captain Marvel Volume 10 #14. During the Last Avenger storyline, Carol was tasked with taking out the Avengers by the mysterious Vox. Black Panther sought to stop her with an ambush and a tech gun, but he was quickly dispatched by a blast of Carol’s cosmic power from her.

8 Ms. Marvel Vs. Pyro And Avalanche: A Brotherhood Beat-Down

Captain Marvel as Ms. Marvel Defeats Pyro

Two of the X-Men’s staunchest foes, Pyro and Avalanche’s respective mutant abilities of pyrokinesis and seismic control make them dangerous enemies. Together, the two were a critical part of Mystique’s reformation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and served the federal government as a part of the mutant task force Freedom Force.

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When Mystique first reformed the Brotherhood, one of her initial goals was to take out Carol Danvers (then Ms. Marvel). She sent Pyro and Avalanche to do the job in Marvel Super-Heroes Volume 2 #11but Carol easily repelled their attack, knocking each villain out with one punch and saving nearby civilians from debris.

7 Ms. Marvel Vs. The Brood Queen: Defending The Planet

Captain Marvel as Ms Marvel vs Brood Queen

The Brood are a horrific alien species that are loosely based on the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise: they have a tough hide, sharp teeth, and lay eggs in unwitting people to create more Brood. However, they’re also hyper-intelligent and have tried to take over the Earth of the 616 on numerous occasions.

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In Ms Marvel Volume 2 #24, a weakened Carol finds herself fighting a horde of Brood on the mysterious Monster Island. Battering her way through the creatures, she eventually gets to the powerful, evil Queen. Just as the Queen appears to gain the upper hand, Carol summons her strength from her to fly the alien to outer space and punch her out of the solar system, thereby saving the planet from the extraterrestrial threat.

6 Captain Marvel vs. Star: Melee In Midtown

Captain Marvel Battles Star

Ripley Ryan was an everyday reporter until she was experienced on by the villainous Dr. Minn-Erva. This led to Ryan becoming half-Kree and being implanted with the Power Siphon, which was something she could infect others with and use to make herself stronger.

After siphoning power from Carol, Star revealed she’d infected the rest of New York and intended to drain and use them for her personal gain. desde Captain Marvel Volume 10 #10-11, Star and Captain Marvel have a knock-down fight throughout Times Square. Though the fight drags on, Captain Marvel is eventually able to gain the upper hand by ripping the Power Siphon out of Star’s chest.

5 Captain Marvel vs. She-Hulk: Hulk, Smashed

Captain Marvel vs. She-Hulk

After a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner, lawyer Jennifer Walters gained the ability to turn into the super-strong, green-skinned She-Hulk. Since then, She-Hulk has both become a prolific Avenger as well as a friend of Carol Danvers, using her ella brawn and sense of justice for the greater good.

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in the dark Last Avenger storyline, Carol is forced to take out her good friend at the behest of Vox. The battle is long, as both heroes have their own unique strengths. However, when She-Hulk is able to see Carol’s face from her, she stops fighting her long enough for Captain Marvel to get her upper hand.

4 Ms. Marvel Vs. Moonstone: Combat For The Codename

Moonstone vs. Ms. Marvel (Captain Marvel)

Like Captain Marvel, Moonstone’s powers were awakened by a Kree device: the eponymous Moonstone that she took her name from. With powers of flight, energy projection, super-strength, and intangibility, Moonstone has taken on heroes like Spider-Man and the Hulk. She’s also been a member of groups like the Dark Avengers and the Masters of Evil.

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During Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign, Moonstone was given the Ms. Marvel name to use as a part of Osborn’s Dark Avengers team. Understandably miffed by the supervillain’s actions of her, Carol went to confront Moonstone and Osborn. After a lengthy battle, Carol finally defeats Moonstone in Ms Marvel Volume 2 #46 by separating her from her source of power and reclaiming the Ms. Marvel moniker from her foe.

3 Captain Marvel vs. Iron Man: Avenger Against Avenger

Captain Marvel Vs Iron Man Civil War II

Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is one of the most famous and powerful Avengers. However, Tony’s intelligence and armor have not saved him from defeat at the hands of Carol Danvers on two separate occasions.

In Part 2 of the Last Avenger storyline in Captain Marvel Volume 2, Carol defeats him by punching him through several walls, taking him into space, and crushing his windpipe, which prevents him from summoning his other suits to protect him. In Civil War II, Captain Marvel and Iron Man battle on the steps of the US Capitol Building over the fate of the Inhuman Ulysses. The fight is long and takes place over the course of two issues. It ends when, after a blast of cosmic power, Carol shreds Tony’s suit and knocks him unconscious.

two Captain Marvel vs. Thor: A Godly Smackdown

Captain Marvel vs Thor and Mjolnir

Thor, the God of Thunder and Prince of Asgard, is surely one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. His divine heritage and hammer Mjolnir give him immense power, including the ability to face numerous universe-sized threats like Thanos, Surtur, and Ymir.

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While under the command of the dark and strange Vox, Captain Marvel took on Thor as the first member of the Avengers. Carol attacks the Thunder God while at Avengers Mountain, blasting him through a mountain. After Thor discovers who he’s fighting, the two continue across Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, and finally, end up in space. There, Carol separates Thor from his hammer and lands the hit needed to win the fight.

1 Captain Marvel Vs. Vox: Avengers Assembled

Captain Marvel Punches Vox

The mastermind behind the Last Avenger storyline, Vox is a super-Inhuman being who was implanted with pieces of the Kree’s original Supreme Intelligence. Naturally gifted with superhuman strength, durability, and a sonic scream, Vox also possessed a suit that could infect others and allow him to track them.

After Vox had forced her into killing all her fellow Avengers and bringing him the bodies, Carol revealed she’d actually sent her allies into a pocket dimension. The two began to battle in his lair de ella and Carol was accidentally doused in one of Vox’s experimental liquids. This allowed her to use the abilities of all her fellow Avengers. Consequently, using Mjolnir, she was able to overpower the villain.

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