Book Talk covers a comic novel for middle readers and a historic look at the Cleveland Indians

What happens when the whole town leaves and doesn’t come back? That’s “It’s the End of the World and I’m In My Bathing Suit,” a comic novel for middle readers by Justin A. Reynolds of Cleveland.

It’s set in Carterville, a lakeside suburb of Cleveland, and the high point of summer is the annual Beach Bash, a daylong festival of music and fireworks. Twelve-year-old Eddie Holloway is all geared up for double cheeseburgers and time with his crush on him.

The flies in Eddie’s slushie are his exasperating brother and his stepfather, Calvin. Eddie’s name for Calvin is Wanna-Be Dad, and he is objectional both for taking the place of Eddie’s late father and for being relentlessly enthusiastic. Eddie resents WBD’s attempts from him to be his pal from him.

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