Hybrid Fantasy-Competition Series Coming Soon to Disney+

Disney+ is adding an all-new original scripted (and unscripted) series, The Questto its already fantastical library on May 11. The series will be brought to life by Academy Award and Emmy-winning creatives behind shows such as The Lord of the Rings, La carrera asombrozaand queer eye.

Reality meets fantasy in this new game show from Disney+. The Quest brings eight contestants, or Paladins, into the fantasy world of Everealm: a magical place of unrivaled scenic beauty and powerful magic. The Paladins must work together to fulfill an ancient Everalm prophecy and help the Fates vanquish the Sorceress. Each challenge will help them find their own inner hero and restore balance to the land. Kingdoms will unravel, and heroes will be made in this exciting new series.


The show will consist of scripted and unscripted elements. According to Disney, this will add to the immersive aspect of the competition. Teenage contestants will compete against each other in challenges on a fun-filled adventure in a completely realized world with immersive scenes and characters. They will be put to the test with the unexpected around every corner. Each choice and task will determine their course and the fate of Everalm.

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Executive producers of the series include several representatives from prominent production companies. The Quest will be produced by Court Five’s jane fleming and Mark Ordsky (Lord of the Rings). New Media Collective’s Bertram van Munster, elise doganeriand Mark Dziak (La carrera asombroza) will also executive produce it alongside Scout Production Inc.’s rob eric, michael williamsand David Collins (queer eye). Each company’s respective producers issued statements regarding The Quest and described what to expect from the original Disney+.

Fleming and Ordesky from Court Five discussed the series’ creativity, stating:

We’re doing something magical that has never been done at this level. We’re taking real people and putting them in a fully realized fantasy story, conceived and built by incredible artisans in every department. It’s an immersive, real-life hero’s journey for these eight normal teenagers, who transform before your very eyes. It’s an exciting new form of storytelling.

van Munster and Doganieri from New Media Collective also released a statement describing what to expect:

It’s a groundbreaking new genre where we place real teenagers in a reality competition and bring them into a fully realized fantasy world that is built on a scripted mythology of intrigue and adventure played out alongside actors for a completely immersive experience.

Williams and Eric from Scout Production Inc. mentioned the team’s dedication to the overall aesthetic of The Quest:

We were very focused on the aesthetic of the show, from production design through costume design, making sure that everything felt authentic. We wanted both our Paladins and our audience to feel immersed in the epic world we created

This immersive fantasy epic promises to put an original spin on the game show format, and with such a talented creative team, it might just deliver! With the fictional world of Everealm as the backdrop and the entertainment of challenges for contestants, The Quest is sure to be a magical ride for the whole family.

The Quest begins streaming on May 11. Check out the trailer below:


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