Marvel star reunites with Pulp Fiction star for new thriller

If you enjoyed the mini pulp fiction reunion at the Oscars, then you’ll be thrilled to hear that Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman are about to star in a new crime thriller together.

The Marvel actor and Kill Bill star are teaming up for a new feature film called The Kill Roomaccording to The Hollywood Reporter.

The crime thriller will follow a hitman, his boss (played by Jackson) and an art dealer (Thurman) in a money-laundering mission that goes south.

The scheme turns the hitman into an overnight sensation who has to navigate the world of art, while trying to pull off the crime.

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The dark comedy will be written by Jonathan Jacobson and directed by Nicol Paone (friends giving).

Paone admitted that the casting had made this project better than in her “wildest dreams”.

She said: “Getting to make The Kill Room — an already incredible script with Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson is beyond my wildest dreams.

“Every moment they’re onscreen, they are both enviable and eye-catching. I am eternally grateful to both of them for saying yes, and I am thrilled to bring this to life.”

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Two of the producers, Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman added: “The combination of Uma and Sam for this project is a dream come true.

“We are certain that Nicol is going to deliver a special film, and one that strikes the perfect balance between dark humor and edge-of-your-seat thrills.”

Thurman, Jackson and their pulp fiction co-star John Travolta recently appeared together on stage at the Academy Awards when they presented the Best Actor Oscar to Will Smith.

The trio paid tribute to their hit 1994 film as Thurman and Travolta danced some of their iconic moves, before they all peeked inside a glowing briefcase.

The Kill Room is about to start filming in New Jersey and New York, but there is no release date yet.

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