Word Salad: Evanston’s writing community gathers for an evening of poetry and prose

A small group gathered Friday evening at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center for Word Salad, an open mic night where writers could read selections of their poetry and prose. Six writers took to the mic to share their pieces.

The RoundTable’s Les Jacobson read a selection from his upcoming novel. (Photo by Sam Stroozas)

The Evanston RoundTable’s own Les Jacobson was the first to read and shared the beginning of chapter six of his novel, “The Dream Machine,” a time travel story from a future dystopian Chicago.

Eleven-year-old Kate Clark read what she said is her best poem, “In the Life of a Rose.”

An excerpt: “Roses come into the world when the time is spring, / when they are little they curl inward, / as if fearing their new life that will come to them when older.”

Clark told the Round Table that she was sitting in class and had some spare time when she decided to start writing. She showed her poem to her friends de ella and then started taking requests.

She has written five poems total, even one about kittens at the request of her friend. It was her first time reading her in front of anyone besides her friends and family, but she said she was not too nervous.

Vaughan Nesslar reads selections from her work, “They Could Only be Irish.” (Photo by Sam Stroozas)

Vaughan Nesslar read selections from her final project at DePaul University, “They Could Only be Irish.” Nesslar went back to college when she was 52 years old and received a degree in Irish Culture.

Her work focuses on her Irish family, their land in Ireland and immigration narratives.

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