Batgirl Fans React to ‘Cursed’ Image of Comic Bathroom

Batgirl fans are talking on social media about a strange comic panel featuring a very poorly designed (or drawn?) bathroom in the hero’s apartment.

DC Comics fans are buzzing again batgirl‘s brief but memorable feud with a “cursed” bathroom. While the bathroom is mostly an unmemorable piece of background scenery as Gordon reflects on her many heroic identities, one detail has architects and comics fans alike scratching their heads on social media.

The scene featured in 2016’s Batgirls and the Birds of Prey #5, written by Shawna and Julia Benson with art by Roge Antonio, is an important one for Gordon. As she questions the moral compass of the Birds of Prey, she ducks into a bathroom to contemplate her own identities: the master hacker Oracle, the heroic vigilante Batgirl, and the civilian Barbara Gordon. While declaring she’s “all damn three“is a badass moment for Batgirl, who has long struggled with how she fits into the echelon of heroes, an unfortunate slip-up in the art has taken center stage in the minds of fans.


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While the erroneous bathroom only makes a single panel appearance, fans have been thickened with it for years, and recent attention has brought fans back out to debate the most “cursed” bathroom in DC Comics. In a wide shot of the room, readers can see that the bathtub is inexplicably blocking the door, making the room impossible to enter, and a rug is set completely under the toilet, defying all necessities of proper plumbing. Fans have grown increasingly passionate on Twitter, whether they insist it’s a mockery of comic book art, a simple slip up or the horrible living conditions within the DC Universe. Regardless of their opinions, fans, critics, and even industry professionals have been weighing in on the bathroom.

Discourse on the bathroom seemed to be re-kindled by podcaster Zachary Burrell, who said the room makes him “unreasonably upset.

From there, plenty of fans and critics hopped into the replies to take a crack at the art:

By and large, however, Twitter users came to the defense of Antonio:

Award-winning cover artist Jen Bartel even went as far as to call the bathroom “cursed,” making it a perfect fit for Gotham:

Roge Antonio herself has even made comment on the unusual bathroom, explaining the image is a victim of common comic book editing:

Regardless of the cause, comic book creators make errors all the time. Even the revered Stan Lee made some pretty big mistakes: In issue #1 of The Amazing spider-man by Lee, Steve Ditko and Sol Brodsky, Peter Parker is referred to as Peter Palmer, and Spider-Man is called “Superman” multiple times in the series’ third issue. Lee even commented on his past mistakes, keeping a light tone on the matter.

While some fans may be infuriated by errors like these, they are a key part of comic book history. They make for memorable moments for readers, and remind them that the writers and artists who work on comics are humans who work on tight deadlines with loads of pressure. It’s great to see creators, whether they be an all-time great like Stan Lee or a rising star in the industry like Roge Antonio, take the mistakes in stride amid all the great work they do. And while Antonio, and batgirl for that matter, may not want to be known best for a “cursed” bathroom, making fans laugh is a surefire way to keep readers coming back.

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