Black Cat Becomes Spider-Man In Adorable Marvel Comics Cover Art

Black Cat gets her own Spider-Man costume in an adorable piece of Marvel Comics art for an upcoming issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Warning! Potential spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Marvel Comics

In a stunning new Marvel Comics variant cover, black cat swings into action with her own adorable spider-man costume. In new art from artist Nicoletta Baldari, Felicia Hardy gets her own Spider-Man ensemble, as she literally swings on a web with a big smile on her face. The cover, which will appear on the front of the Amazing Spider-Man #2 by Marvel Comics, shows off the hero’s fun side, as she looks great as her own Spider-hero.

Felicia Hardy has been a part of Spider-Man’s adventures for more than 40 years, becoming an important love interest and antihero in the Marvel Comics universe. As Black Cat, Hardy is a world-class thief whose heists often lead her face-to-face with the web-slinger. Black Cat just completed an Infinity Stone heist in one of her most recent comic adventures de ella, gathering the stones (albeit through their living avatars) to cure her mom’s cancer. She also teamed up with MJ in the recent Beyond arc. So what’s next for Felicia Hardy? While it’s unclear whether she’ll be a main character in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man run, at the very least, she’ll appear on an upcoming cover with her own Spider-Man costume.


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On Twitter, artist and illustrator Nicoletta Baldari (My Buddy Killer Croc) shared her new variant cover for the upcoming issue of the Amazing Spider-Man #two. Black Cat gets her de ella own Spider-Man costume in the image as she swings on a web across the night sky. Of course, Felicia Hardy looks excellent in the ensemble, as she opts to go with her eye mask while letting her long white hair flow in the wind.

Marvel Comics hasn’t revealed much about the new run of The Amazing Spider-Man from Zeb Wells and John Romita, but the request for the second issue teases Spider-Man and Mary Kane Parker might be breaking up. Enter Black Cat? Although, it’s more likely the cover is just a fun variant with no implications to the story. Although, readers would welcome seeing Black Cat swing into action in the costume in the comic.

No matter what role Black Cat plays in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man relaunch, the cover from Nicoletta Baldar is fantastic. It shows off Felicia’s personality from her in a fun way, as she looks thrilled to get her own Spider-Man costume. Readers can get the black cat variant (it’s unclear whether it’s an incentive cover) when The Amazing Spider-Man #two by Marvel Comics comes to comic book stores and online retailers on May 4, 2022.

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Source: Nicoletta Baldar – Twitter

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