Here’s how Journal, Daily News readers voted on RI’s new license plate

Rhode Island residents will find out soon what the state’s next license plate design will look like.

For two weeks, Rhode Island residents were able to vote on five possible designs. Rhode Island plans to introduce the winning license plate design soon and make them available by July 1.

The DMV plans to roll out the new plates over a two-year period. When you renew your registration, you’ll receive a set in the mail. Any old wave plates still left on the road after that will be a red flag to police that your car is unregistered.

While you were casting your ballot online, The Providence Journal and the Newport Daily News published their own social media polls to gauge how residents might vote.

The results were not closed.

Why can’t RI just keep the Wave plate?:The answer comes down to both safety and money

The RI DMV released 5 finalists this is one of them.  Rhode Islanders are encouraged to cast ballots for their favorite design and will be allowed to vote more than once while the voting window is open.

Voters preferred the design featuring the Claiborne Pell Bridge, commonly known as the Newport Bridge, in sunlight with a dark blue banner at the top with Rhode Island written in script and “Ocean State” written in the blue of the bay and a small sailboat in the left corner.

breaking down the vote

Here’s how Providence Journal and Newport Daily News readers and followers voted on Facebook. Polls were closed after 24 hours of voting.

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