National Library Week celebrated at IVPL: ‘Connect with your library’

SOUDERTON — Welcome to Indian Valley Public Library as we celebrate National Library Week, April 3-9. This year’s theme is “Connect With Your Library.”

Did you realize that IVPL is one of the most important places in town? why? Here are more than a dozen reasons you already know and some that are new.

1. IVPL serves as a community and cultural hub. IVPL provides information and connections through art, literature, music, and educational programs. A recent example was the annual display of art work by hundreds of students in the Souderton Area School District. IVPL provided an opportunity for hundreds of students and their family, friends, and neighbors to see the incredible gifts and talents of the community’s children.

2. Family friendly, IVPL has resources and programs for all ages! Weekly story time for babies and preschoolers. Age 5 and up, sign up to Read to a Dog! Grab a spot in the monthly ‘Tween Graphic Novel Club. Legos Club – Yes! Beginner Chess Club – Yes! Crafts-Yes! Jig-saw puzzle fans – check out the Monthly Book Cover puzzle on the Teen Page. Okay teens, “Reversed Reading” is your chance to tell adults books you think they should read. And don’t miss the IVPL Teen Blog.

3. If the word “library” makes you think of books, DVDs, CDs, and computers, get ready to expand your vision. If you’re ready for a day trip to area museums and educational centers, you’ll find free passes to 14 destinations including the Bucks County Children’s Museum, Wings of Freedom Aviation Museum, the National Constitution Center, and the Elmwood Park Zoo at IVPL . Go online, or ask a librarian how to reserve your tickets. The staff encourages everyone to explore, interact, and imagine, adding value to our communities and cultural centers in the greater Indian Valley. Under the “Youth Services” tab, click on “Virtual Field Trips” to access 15 different types of adventures including 33 national parks, art museums, live animal cams and more.

4. IVPL is the great equalizer. The Pandemic, rising costs of events, and other concerns about in-person events have increased the value of the many ways in which IVPL creates the time and space for learning and experiencing many fun and exciting activities. IVPL’s technology offerings have included concerts, author visits, world travel, lectures, and gallery displays. Most of these programs are free, enabling people to attend, regardless of income.

5. Interested in the many stories of our community and our country? IVPL is the perfect place to research genealogy, immigration, and history – from the Indian Valley to the world! IVPL preserves historical artifacts, oral histories, digital histories, special collections, and monographs relevant to all community members.

6. IVPL is a place where community-building is always happening! While you may come to the library looking for information, you’ll find new friends. New moms can connect at children’s story time. Seniors seeking specialized services make new friends when they attend programs. Students are able to do cooperative research at the library and with library resources. Community building opportunities are abundant at IVPL.

7. Community members with special needs have specially designed resources available at IVPL. IVPL has created and curated resources to help children who may have difficulty navigating strong feelings and difficult or confusing situations. Book videos and social stories are available in the Special Needs Resources section of Youth Services. Creative partnership programs and services, as well as unique and adaptable spaces are also some ways in which IVPL supports community members with “diffabilities” (different abilities).

8. Mindful of the variety of cultures and languages ​​represented in the Indian Valley, IVPL helps ensure that non-English speakers recognize that they are valued members of the community. IVPL offers multi-lingual resources, programs, and signage, as well as opportunities to learn new skills and meet new people. IVPL also provides important information about the community, as well as citizenship.

9. Whether you’re interested in learning something new or continuing to develop your expertise, there is a wide range of free classes available. Painting classes, art appreciation, writing workshops, and crafts that repurpose and recycle are but a few of the opportunities offered at IVPL.

10. Looking for a group of like-interested people to enjoy a once-a-month gathering? Then you’ll want to check out the more than half a dozen IVPL Clubs, including chess, photography, knitting, and German language. And avid readers will also want to check out the current reads of the FIVE different IVPL book clubs.

11. IVPL serves as a “People’s University” providing the space, resources, and support for individuals and groups to create or expand their work or projects, which in turn benefits the community at large. IVPL hosts all kinds of learning and is able to accommodate large or small groups and individuals, with a support staff member always close at hand.

12. IVPL has a long history of serving local entrepreneurs and businesses. IVPL offers services that include conference rooms, consultation with full-time librarians, state-of-the-art video-conferencing, and staff training workshops. As an active member of the BuxMont Collaborative, IVPL takes a leading role in supporting local vendors, artisans, and community organizations.

13. IVPL champions, promotes, and by its very nature, reflects the important values ​​of our democracy. IVPL programs and resources provide opportunities for people to engage in civil discourse, naturally discussing social issues, issues of freedom, justice, and democracy from the local to the global spectrum. Because IVPL is a public space with a wide range of resources and a host of ways in which people connect with one another, it provides opportunities through which people of all walks of life are able to share their concerns, needs, ideas, points of view , and stories, while also hearing those from others. In their daily interaction with a broad spectrum of the community, the staff of IVPL takes great care in having resources, materials, and programs available that value, respect, and represent the entire community.

Although we take time each year to celebrate the many accomplishments of IVPL via National Library week, I hope this year you “Connect with Your IVPL” and experience the richness of the “precious gem” in our own backyard. Enjoy!

Submitted by Dr. Alexander Grande III, president, IVPL Board of Trustees

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