This Is Us: The 10 Most Inspirational Quotes

For the last few years, This Is Us has had its fans thinking deeply about life’s biggest questions. It taught viewers about love, family, marriage, parenthood, etc. While the show continues to carry on its romantic yet heartfelt moments, there are also inspirational concepts at play as well.

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Each character has gone through many emotional struggles but they always manage to stay strong. They continue to teach fans to keep moving and keep the ones they love close. With each season comes some of the most uplifting lines in the series.


Rebecca Remains Proud of Watching Her Children Mature

“When Your A Mom You Get A Front Seat Row To The Best Show In Town Watching Your Kids Grow Up”

Jack and Rebecca in the kitchen with kids

The series takes its time developing the relationships of the Big Three and how they get to the moments in their lives in the present. This is all thanks to the amazing parents they had grown up. Rebecca Pearson knows she’s not perfect but she does try to do what is in the best interest of her kids.

As the shows go on, the ways in which the characters turn out one of the most important things to both Rebecca and Jack. Rebecca is also not afraid to stand up for them and ask questions when she’s struggling. All in all, she is proud.

Beth Pearson Uses Her Words Of Wisdom To Convey Her Love

“That Pain Is Not Forever. This Moment In Time Is Not Forever. Nothing Is Forever Except Us.”

Randall and Beth near podium

The relationship between Beth and Randall takes many turns throughout the series. However, despite all the issues that may arise or the problems they face, they do try to tackle their problems head-on, which is how they sustain their marriage and keep their bond solid. This is why Beth is so appreciative of her family and the life that she has.

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Beth knows her family is what gives her the strength to relive her dreams. It’s the reason fans see Beth in the future living out her dreams of her and the ways she gets there is satisfying.

William Explains Just How Grateful His Life Has Turned Out

“…The Two Best Things In My Life Were The Person In The Beginning And The Person At The Very End.”

Randall and William eating at a table

When fans of This Is Us get an insight into William and the life he had, they learn how truly remarkable his life was. He went through so much in his life and finally got to be reunited with his biological son.

Fans learn the highs and lows that he dealt with and each time he almost made it out on top, something else came along that brought him back down. This was important for his overall character. The last year of his life was meaningful and he does not hide the fact that he is content.

Rebecca And Kate Find A Common Ground

“Mom, you’re not In My Way. You Are My Way.”

Kate and Rebecca in living room

For most of the series, Kate’s relationship with Rebecca was complicated. Kate spent most of her life de ella comparing herself to her mother de ella because she knew she had everything she ever wanted. And although they did not see eye to eye most of the time, there was no hiding how much Kate was inspired by her mother from her.

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Their relationship matures when they finally see each other for who they are and they understand one another. This helps viewers relate to complicated relationships with family members in the best way.

Kevin Comes To The Realization About His Role In The Universe

“We Go Through This Life Slowly, Just Collecting Little Pieces Of Ourselves That We Can’t Really Live Without Until We Have Enough Of Them To Where We Feel Whole.”

Kevin talking to his children

The common theme surrounding Kevin’s character is that he lacks the realization of where he fits in the world and his life’s purpose. He struggles to make sense of a lot of problems in his life from him and constantly self-sabotages. However, as the series goes on, he matures and gets closer to knowing how thankful his life truly is. He finds exactly where he needs to be.

In the most recent season, he begins to build the house his father once dreamed of building. Lastly, he learns to adapt to being a parent in his own way without any help.

William Gives The Pearsons Insight Into Enjoying Their Lives

“Roll All The Windows Down, Crank Up The Music, Grow Out The Fro. Let Someone Else Make Your Own Bed.”

William with his grandaughters

In moments that lead up to William’s death, he spends his time living his life to the fullest and teaching the Pearson to do just that. William knows how lasting words will make an impact on the Pearson family.

He inspires not just Randall, but Beth as well. He leaves a mark on their family for the better and helps them see that life can be amazing when it’s lived thoroughly. Randall begins to change the way he lives his life by going for what he thinks he’d be good at. And although he has passed on, he might continue to drop knowledge on the Pearson family in the final season of This Is Us. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Randall Gets Inspired To Make Major Decisions

“How Do I Honor My Father’s Legacy? I Realized, I Honor His Legacy By Taking What I Learned From The Way He Lived His Life And Use It To Shape The Way I Go On Living Mine.”

Randall talks to leave

Randall’s upbringing is everything to him. He takes it very seriously that he was adopted and lived the life he lived because of it. The smaller moments in his youth of him were impactful and memorable for his present of him with his wife and children.

Knowing that both of his fathers have passed on, Randall knows he must live his life in the most authentic way. He doesn’t hold back and he doesn’t live with regrets. He runs congress and adopts Deja, who ends up being one the best characters introduced after season 1 of This Is Us. These important moments inspire Randall into making life-changing decisions.

Jack Knows Just How Important His Role In His Kids’ Lives Will Be

“We’re Their Parents…We Do The Best We Can. But At The End Of The Day What Happens To Them, How They Turn Out, That’s Bigger Than Us.”

Kevin kate and Randall on couch

Rebecca and Jack take their roles as parents very seriously. Each and every moment will lead to the next and eventually will be how their kids will turn out. The main message the show conveys is just how the little moments get the family to the present.

They are changed by every decision that goes back to their childhood, just like it would for any adult. And although Jack hides many secrets from his family from him in This Is Ushe is still a positive role model.

Dr. K Gives The Biggest Advice To The Pearsons After Tragedy

“You Took The Sourest Lemon That Life Has To Offer And It Turned It Into Something Resembling Lemonade”

Jack talks to Dr K

This quote is the show’s most memorable line. They take a tragic moment in their lives and turn it into something that could be great. And it ends up being exactly what they needed.

Dr. K plays an important role in the lives of Jack and Rebecca because he understands their reasoning for adopting Randall and he understands the family because he’s been there for many wholesome and heartbreaking times in This Is Us. His words from him are meaningful to both Rebecca and Jack during difficult moments.

Jack Teaches His Sons To Live Their Truths In Life

“You Got To Own Your Choices, Boys. Choose Them Fully And Don’t Look Back.”

The Pearsons in a hotel room

This Is Us fans know just how impressionable young Randall and Kevin were. Jack tries his best to persuade his sons to be the best men they can be despite their butting heads. He leaves a lasting impression on them for years to come.

When Randall and Kevin are older, they make decisions that will shake their lives. Additionally, they know these words from their father are special enough to help motivate them to never look back and go for what they want. Both Randall and Kevin are successful in going for what they want down the line as adults in the series.

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