• Deliveroo partners with pop-culture royalty, Love of Huns, to create a hot pink Alison Hammond-inspired Easter Hunny egg, as TV host is voted nation’s number one hun

  • Easter Hunny is a delicious celebration of British ‘hun’ culture, with all funds going to Acorns Children’s Hospice

  • Limited-edition Easter Hunny eggs will be available on Deliveroo, in London, Manchester and Bristol from 15th April for just £6.63 (*eggs spelt backwards!)

  • Definitely not an official partnership with the total hun, Alison Hammond

Monday 4th April, UK. This Easter, favorite British food-delivery service Deliveroo and popular Instagram account, Love of Huns, are teaming up to deliver the nation’s ultimate hun: Alison Hammond, in the form of a raspberry flavoured, hot pink, Easter Hunny egg.

From 15th April, customers will be able to order an Alison Hammond, hun-inspired Easter Hunny egg, exclusively available on Deliveroo for only £6.63. Expertly crafted using a 3D headshot mould, the egg comes in hot pink raspberry-flavoured chocolate, nodding to the Love of Huns’ signature shade. (It’s suitable for vegans too, because every hun is welcome.)

To crown the Nation’s ultimate Easter Hunny, Deliveroo and Love of Huns ran an Instagram poll asking Love of Huns’ 650,000 followers to vote for their favorite hun. It was a close call, with other top huns including, “mee-cro-wah-vay” Bafta nominee Nigella Lawson, ‘Elephant in the room’ songstress, Alexandra Burke, ‘You ain’t my mother’ Eastender, Kat Slater, as well as “The Cheek, The Nerve, The Gall, The Audacity and The Gumption” Ru Paul’s Drag Race icon, all in the running.

Obvs…the Queen of breakfast TV Alison Hammond took the top spot, as she’s known for entertaining viewers on the daily with her vivacious, personable, and confident personality.

If chomping through an Alison Hammond Easter Hunny wasn’t enough, 100% of sales from every Easter Hunny sold will go to Acorns Children’s Hospice, a charity that provides a network of care and support to life-limited and life-threatened children and their families across the UK.

Aisha Jefferson, Deliveroo said: “We’re so excited to create the UK’s first ever Easter Hunny with the huns behind everyone’s favorite Instagram account, ‘Love of Huns’. It’s no surprise to us that Alison Hammond was crowned the nation’s number one ‘hun’, she’s an icon We have loved having her as the inspiration for our limited-edition Easter Hunny and are thrilled to be giving all of the proceeds to Acorn’s Children Charity – a charity that Alison has raised money for in the past. , and get your hands on one now before they sell out.”

For anyone hiding under a rock, Love of Huns is a pop-culture meme account that started on Instagram in 2017, paying a tribute to Hun culture, celebrating iconic celebrities of the noughties and nineties who have a relatable sense of humour. The account has become a viral success.

Love of Huns said: “We have loved collaborating with Deliveroo on this hun-tastic Easter egg that not only pays homage to our Queen, Alison Hammond, but also supports Acorn’s Children Charity. Ordinarily we’d ask ‘u ok hun, you’ve barely touched your Alison Hammond Easter Hunny’, but we’re confident that won’t be needed this Easter because we expect these to sell like hot cakes. Only available until sold out, so get ordering on Deliveroo, babs!”

Available from 15th April until sold out, the Easter Hunny eggs can be ordered exclusively via the Deliveroo app in London (Crouch End and Acton), Manchester and Bristol for £6.63 with free delivery. Search for ‘Easter Hunny Egg’ in the app here or online.

Customers can also get their hands on one of a handful of Hammond Hunny eggs, by keeping their eyes peeled on the Love of Huns Instagram account, as they will be giving away eggs, too.


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