Luke Cage Showrunner Reacts To Disney+ Cutting Reg E. Cathey Tribute

luke cage showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker has reacted to Disney Plus removing a tribute to the late actor, Reg E. Cathey. Cathey played James Lucas, Luke Cage’s father, in the Marvel television series based on the hero of New York City.

luke cage starred Mike Colter as the titular bulletproof superhero, who is often dubbed as Power Man. Luke Cage is a prominent character from the comic books, known for being one of the members of the Defenders team as well as working with Iron Fist. The show, unfortunately, was one of many to not get renewed by Netflix due to the shift of Marvel having all of their properties being on Disney Plus, which has caused grief for fans and talent alike.


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luke cage was recently brought to Disney Plus, along with the rest of the Netflix-produced series based on the smaller Marvel superhero team. luke cage showrunner Coker has used Twitter to rightfully point out the wrongdoing done to his show, which he predicted would happen. “I mean, why do this? Reg E. Cathey was part of the heart and soul of Season Two,” Coker said. “We didn’t feel obligated to dedicate the season to him just because he died — we felt obligated because we loved him, and he was a galvanizing force.”

It appears that Disney Plus removed the tribute to Cathey from the finale of luke cage. It doesn’t make sense why they would go forward with this decision, but many people are not happy with this change. A memoriam is great for the family, fans and friends of the late talent to see their beloved ones be honored, especially in the work they do. It’s a sign of respect, so it’s unclear why Disney Plus would do this, as they also removed a tribute to the late comic book writer Stan Lee.

Disney has yet to comment, so hopefully fans will get clarification soon as to what the reasoning is, if there is any. It would be nice to put these tributes back into the show, as it reflects on the legacy that Cathey and Lee leave behind, and that’s all anybody wants – to be remembered. Moving forward, it would be nice to see this not be a commonly occurring theme, where a show gets ported and then censored or altered.

Many will continue to investigate as to why this has happened, and hopefully an answer will arrive in the near future, so fans can get closure as well as those who worked on the show. It would be a nice turn of events if the fans call for action and Disney listened. It’s important to speak up for what matters, so lets hope that everyone shows the same passion for these projects when it comes to honoring those who worked on it.

luke cage is currently available on Disney Plus.

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Source: Cheo Hodari Coker

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