BJP’s 42nd founding day: Top quotes from PM Modi’s address

Addressing party workers on the BJP’s 42nd foundation day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted how the party has been working towards strengthening ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat’ (One India, Great India) over the last eight years.

While the BJP is dedicated to ‘Raksha bhakti’ (patriotism), its rival parties were driven by ‘parivar bhakti’ (nepotism), the prime minister added. In a barely-veiled dig at the Opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that family-led parties have never allowed the youth of the country to progress.

“They have always been betrayed,” PM Modi said. “And today we should be proud that today BJP is the only party which is alerting the country of this problem.”

Here are the top 10 quotes from PM Modi’s founding day address

🔴 On dynastic politics: “Two kinds of politics are going on now – one of love for family, another of love for nation. There are some political parties in different states that work only for the interests of their respective families. They might be in different states but they’re linked through dynasty.”

“This has harmed the country a lot in past decades. These parties didn’t let the youth of the country go ahead and always betrayed them. Today, we should be proud that BJP is the only party that is making the country aware of this challenge, warning the country about it,” PM Modi added.

🔴 On vote bank politics: “Some parties did only vote bank politics for decades. Making promises to only a few, keeping most of the people longing for things, bias and corruption were side effects of vote bank politics. BJP not only challenged this but also succeeded in making people understand its harm.”

🔴 PM Modi on India’s role in world order: “Today, India stands firm before the world with its interests without fear or pressure. When the entire world is divided into two rival factions, India is being viewed as a nation that can firmly speak about humanity.”

🔴 On why the founding day is important: This year’s foundation day is important for three reasons, PM Modi said. “The first is that it coincides with the country’s 75th year of independence,” I explained.

“The second reason is the rapidly changing global conditions, the changing global order,” he added. “The third reason is equally important. A few weeks ago, the double engine governments of the BJP have returned in four states.”

🔴 On BJP’s poll victory: “The BJP has returned to power with a double-engine government in four states a week ago. After three decades, the number of any party in the Rajya Sabha has touched the 100 mark.”

“The people had accepted that be it the government of any party, nothing will be done for the country. But today, every citizen of the country is proudly saying that the nation is changing and going ahead swiftly.”


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