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If you’re stuck in a reading slump or simply looking for a new read, you’ll want to check out these bookstores across Raleigh — most of which are mere minutes from campus. From comics to different sub-genres of nonfiction, you’re guaranteed to discover a bookstore that has what you’re looking for.

Quail Ridge Books

If I had to pick a favorite bookstore, Quail Ridge would have to be the one. From the interior of the shop to the selection of books, this North Hills spot does it the best.

Like Barnes & Noble, Quail Ridge has a variety of books to choose from, which are set up according to genre. Plus, the store offers several other items, such as stickers, journals and stationary. When you enter the store, there is a pick-up section on the left side for those who are interested in placing an order in advance. When I walked in, I was taken back by the lovely decorations — there was a huge tree covered in lights, a neat fireplace, light up signs and quotes from books scattered throughout the store.

My favorite part had to be the store’s “Blind Date with a Book” — books wrapped in paper with guidelines to suggest for whom the book would be a good fit. Given its uniqueness and versatility, I would suggest Quail Ridge Books as the first bookstore to check out in Raleigh.

Barnes & Nobles

Barnes & Noble is a classic. The new releases on the shelves and the variety of books the store has to offer is unmatched. I was intrigued to see the layout of this store, as it seemed much smaller than most Barnes & Nobles I’ve been to.

I was certainly not disappointed. The storefront in the Village District was divided up into different sections according to genre, making it simple to navigate your way through and find the perfect book. Plus, there are computers set up throughout the store if you’re interested in finding a specific book.

While it has a wide selection of novels, it also has journals, stationary and unique board games displayed at the front. There isn’t much of a seating area, so I wouldn’t suggest this as a study spot — however, it would be the perfect bookstore to go to if you’re in a reading slump. You can make your way down the different sections set up and even ask the friendly staff for book recommendations.

Nice Price Books & Records

Calling all comic book lovers — Nice Price Books is certainly the ideal store to visit if you’re looking for comics. As soon as I entered the store, I saw boxes and boxes filled with old and new edition comics. The selection is endless — featuring comics from Marvel and DC, such as Teen Titans, Lucifer, Coffin Hill and more.

That being said, there’s more to Nice Price Books than just comics. Different genres of novels are divided into small sections throughout the store. I would say its biggest sections are comics, mystery/thriller and science fiction. Plus, the store also offers vinyls, CDs, shirts, toy cars, plants and more.

The best part of Nice Price Books is that it is close to home — I would definitely check this store out if you find yourself on Hillsborough Street.

Reader’s Corner

If you are a nonfiction reader, Reader’s Corner would be the place for you. The store is packed with nonfiction books of every sub-genre. You name it, you could probably find it in an instant with the help of a knowledgeable employee.

As a student, this would be the perfect place to buy a book related to the field of your study — there were sections labeled solely for business, engineering, religion and physics. Along with educational books, there are many other books that can help you in the course of your life, such as self help, cooking and books about plant care. The antique books stood out to me the most — affordable and in good condition, the books are taken great care of. Like Nice Price Books, Reader’s Corner is conveniently located right along Hillsborough Street.

I highly recommend checking out these bookstores. Who knows—maybe you’ll find your new favorite book.


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