DC Celebrates LGBTQIA+ Heroes With Stunning DC Pride 2022 Art

In stunning new cover art for DC Pride 2022 by artist Joshua “Sway” Swaby, the queer superheroes of the DC Comics Universe pose together.

Warning! spoiler for DC Pride 2022 by DC Comics

In a stunning new DC Comics cover, artist Joshua “Sway” Swaby brings together some of the most iconic LGBTQIA+ heroes in the universe for covert art for DC Pride 2022. In the incredible image, the likes of Superman, Nubia, Dreamer, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy are among those featured in the beautiful artwork which will appear as a wraparound cover for the upcoming DC Pride 2022 anthology.

DC Pride 2022 is the latest anthology from the publisher celebrating LGBTQIA+ characters and creators, as the 100+ page comic will feature multiple new stories starring some of the most popular heroes in the DC Universe. the DC Pride 2022 anthology includes all-new stories starring Green Lantern from Tini Howard and Evan Cagle, Superman/Jon Kent from Devin Grayson and Nick Robles, and Harley Quinn by Dani Fernandez. In addition, actress and activist Nicole Maine will write the introduction for the anthology, which will kick off pride month in June for DC Comics.


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DC Comics revealed a stunning new wraparound cover from artist Joshua “Sway” Swaby, which shows off some of the greatest LGBTQIA+ in one single image. Sway’s art brings out the best in each of the heroes in the DC Pride 2022 artwork, as he manages to capture their personalities and best looks with his beautiful art. Batwoman, Aquaman, Superman, Nubia, Green Lantern, Jess Chambers’ Flash, Poison Ivy, Harley Queen, and the Dreamer are showcased from left to right. The details throughout the piece are great, including Green Lantern’s heart construct and Poison Ivy giving it all with a beautiful pose.

DC Pride 2022

The cover will be an open-order variant for DC Pride 2022 and one of the many covers available for the much-anticipated anthology from DC Comics. DC will continue pride celebrations continue from June onwards as well, as, throughout the year, new series starring Poison Ivy, Queen Nubia, Tim Drake, and Teen Justice of Earth-11 will come out. But first, the 2022 DC Pride Anthology will hit comic book stores on May 31, as the 104-page prestige comic will contain new stores starring the heroes seen in Swaby’s art.

Joshua “Sway” Swaby’s cover work for DC Comics and Marvel Comics has been consistently stunningly beautiful. The artist has a knack for doing incredible, gorgeous renditions of some of the greatest superheroes in the world. with the DC Pride 2022 cover, Sway continues his hot streak and makes a special image that gives a deserved showcase to the best LGBTQIA+ in the DC Comics universe.

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