Edmonton Public Library introduces Samwise, the ‘Feline Fiction Finder’

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Edmonton Public Library introduced “Feline Fiction Finders,” including a cat named Samwise named after the character in Lord of the Rings.

“Good meow-ning! We’re paws-itively thrilled to introduce our new 🐱 Feline Fiction Finders. Stop by your local branch to meet these fur-iends of EPL, who are ready to lend a helping paw. We’re not kitten around⁠—our purr-sonalized pet service is the cat’s meow.”cat librarian, edmonton

Samwise the Feline Fiction Finder

Oh, by the way, they introduced the feline team on April 1; wink, wink. It seems that one of the new library cats, Samwise, belongs to library staffer Angela Lieu. Previously, he came from rescuers at Furget Me Not Animal Rescue serving the Alberta, Canada, area.

Samwise and Angela

instagram/ samwisesayshi

Samwise Suffered a Horrible Injury in the Past

Astonishingly, they say that Samwise, who used to be named Kai, had a horrendous injury in his past. Thankfully, veterinarians, rescuers, Angela, and the library gave him a new life.

“This sweet little angel had been sawed almost in half by a power tool before being surrendered to animal control. The amazing vet team at ACC saved his life from him, and look at him now, working for a living! ” posted Furget Me Not.

Samwise looks at computer

Ask Me About Snackies

Today, Samwise is a pretty big deal and a celebrity at the library. He “has a goatee, loves to snuggle, and sheds a lot. A very good boy,” reads his bio on Instagram. As you can see, he struts around the library with a little red tag that reads, “Ask me about snackies, Samwise.”

“Yes, he is named after Samwise from Lord of the Rings, and his personality is just like Sam (loyal, friendly, and loves snacks and naps). He is a rescue who loves people and is the ultimate lap cat,” the library posted.

Kitty Feline Fiction Finder

In the past, Samwise was an in-store ambassador for Furget Me Not at a local pet center. So, he’s had an impressive career in his time.

🎥 The Feline Fiction Finders in Action 🍿

Below, check out Samwise in a video depicting the Feline Fiction Finders in action!

“Meet one of our purr-fessional Feline Fiction Finders: 🐱 Samwise! Sam loves helping at our Highlands Branch and has a paws-itive attitude.”

Adorable Library Pets

Notably, the library frequently posted pictures of library staff’s pets during the pandemic.

For example, below is Hemi the golden retriever, a former working dog and friend of Samwise the cat. Like the cat, Hemi stars in library videos.

Samwise the cat looks at Hemi the dog in library

How adorable is this puppy?

“He’s now a 10-year old puppy who loves to star in videos, model EPL swag and steal food off the kitchen counter. So far he’s stolen: chicken thighs, a prime rib roast and 2 kg of thawing stew beef. Oh Hemi!”

Hemi the Golden Retriever

Then, in another post for “Book Face Friday,” they posted a picture of Luna the Lab with a perfectly-placed book cover image.

“Luna loves digging holes, eating treats and playing fetch, but her most favorite thing to do is sleep 😴.”

Lab with book for face

Below, see Scarlett, the cat, who loves listening to music.

“Meet Scarlett on this week’s edition of #PetsofEPL. When she’s not busy chasing lasers and strings, she enjoys listening to music from our Capital City Records. Nothing warms her furry heart like the sound of vinyl on a cold winter day. Here she is patiently waiting for her servants to put on her favorite album Riversides. “Hurry up, peasants!” Cats sure are darlings.”

scarlett the cat

Moreover, they even posted a picture of a horse enjoying a good book named Remy.

“Remy’s got her nose buried in a historical adventure novel to distract herself from the cold weather! ❄️ Stay warm out there, library lovers.”

Remy the Horse

As you can see, this library is a fun place to be, particularly for pets who love a good book. For more of Samwise, you can follow him on Instagram at samwisesayshi.

winking cat, samwise

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