In Her Book “The Butterfly’s Gift,” Author and Artist Joan Ellet Hogge Discuss the Importance of Change Through the Metamorphosis of Butterflies

Joan Ellet Hogge uses a beautifully designed book to teach a valuable life lesson. Children and adults are introduced to the beauty of metamorphosis through the life cycle of a butterfly in “The Butterfly’s Gift.”

Joan is a well-known watercolorist, and she considers painting to be a spiritual experience that helps her to appreciate the beauty and comedy in everyday life. She produced the inner drawings herself, making the book a reflection of her two of her biggest loves: painting and writing.

The book will take readers on a journey through the life of an elegant butterfly species, the Monarch butterfly, and the transformations it must undergo to acquire its beauty. A butterfly begins its life as an egg before developing wings. It eventually breaks out from its shell, learns to crawl, and begins to feed as a caterpillar. It encases itself in a cocoon after it has stored enough food and waits for the day when it will grow wings and learn to fly. Metamorphosis is the term for this transformation.

The lovely tale encourages children to be patient with processes and to embrace change as a necessary aspect of life. The rich colors in the drawings make the book artistically appealing, especially to children. Joan also included instructions on how readers can simply sketch their Monarch butterfly, making the book more interactive and fun for kids.

This book may teach both children and adults a lot. We might consider how much change we can make, similar to how caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies.

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Title: The Butterfly’s Gift
Author: Joan Ellet Hogge
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: March 2022
Book Genre: Children’s Book

About the Author:
For Joan Ellet Hogge, “The Butterfly’s Gift” is the culmination of a childhood dream. A recognized watercolorist, Joan describes painting as “a spiritual experience which allows me to express the deep feelings about the beauty and humor I see in life.”

She earned a BA in English and an MA in writing and taught writing and English while earning certification as an Academic Language Therapist at SMU in Dallas. She remediated reading, spelling and writing in children and adults for many years.

In 1999, she retired and renewed her passion with painting to follow her dream. She studied painting with many nationally known artists, and wrote book reviews for a local newspaper. Her painting by her, WILDFLOWER POTPOURRI, won the 1999 Richardson Wildflower! poster contest.

Her paintings have been juried into many shows and hang in The Coutts Memorial Museum of Art. The Richardson Library, Northanven United Methodist Church, Nortel and other corporate offices, as well as many private collections.

Having established herself as an artist, Joan’s goal is now to concentrate on her writing and publishing. She has two children’s books written and another in process which she hopes to illustrate, fulfilling her childhood dream of painting stories with words and watercolor.

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