Alton author pens books on aliens, Vietnam

ALTON — Dave Emmons has published his first book about his otherworldly UFO and ET experiences, “They: What Do ‘They’ Want?,” and his next book, “Senseless Wars,” is ready to be presented to his publisher to prepare the book for marketing.

The manuscript is complete with pictures of Vietnam he took while in the Army there in 1969-70.

Hangar 1 Publishing — which covers new science, cryptid wildlife research, strange disappearances, life after death, celebrities, Big Foot, UFOs, and other unexplained events — has released “They: What Do ‘They’ Want?” Available at all major booksellers. Doug and Alex Hajicek are the editors and owners of the publishing company in Minnesota.

“Quite a few people have bought the book locally and want to attend a signing,” Emmons, of Alton, said. The book signing will occur in Alton and Springfield, Illinois, in the next couple of weeks.

He is already set to work on a sequel to “They: What Do ‘They’ Want?,” which his publisher requested.

Emmons, 73, is a host on Massachusetts-based Disclosure News Network (DNN), where he regularly discusses his and others’ UFO and ET sightings, which he has researched and examined for years. His book of him contains his own experiences of him he has had all his life of him over 59 years.

He went to school at Broadcast Center in St. Louis, Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, and Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, for journalism.

Emmons also was a frequent guest on WBGZ’s Mike Montgomery’s “Matinee Madness” show and with the Las Vegas-based KCOR Digital Radio Network before DNN.

Most of the older generation might remember Dave when he was with his six Emmons brothers in a popular band called “The Crystal Image.” People might remember the Godfrey Civic Center, KC Halls, and many clubs within the 40 years of playing in the Alton area.

Emmons was an Army platoon leader from 1969-to 1970 in Vietnam for one year. I have served out the remaining year at Fort Benning, Georgia. His war manuscript of him is based on his experiences and knowledge of him that he witnessed while in combat in Vietnam. The other half of the book will be his opinion and perspective about other wars since World War II that the US was involved in.

“I was a sergeant in Vietnam, utilized as a lieutenant, in charge of 42 guys,” he recalled. “If I wanted to stay in, they would commission me as an officer. But I didn’t want to stay in the Army.”

He qualified for nuclear weapons training through high scores in testing and a top-secret clearance qualification.

“I didn’t like working in nuclear weapons as a 19- to the 20-year-old guy and couldn’t go for the constant surveillance and isolation,” he said. “I had to get the chaplain to get me out of the training. My grades were too high to drop out otherwise.”

The new book will be about the Vietnam war and his experiences relating to the wars the US has been involved in since Vietnam. This war book will be finished and released by this summer or sooner.

Emmons’ life experiences are vast. I have lived in Alaska for two years. His first retirement from him was from Premcor Refinery, now Wood River Phillips 66 Refinery, in Roxana, which closed in 2001. He then had his restaurant from him, Dave’s Rendezvous, on Homer Adams for a year.
He went on to work with the Red Cross in disaster management and then AmeriCorps, helping the elderly. He officially retired from a full-time job in 2010 and began gathering information for “They: What Do ‘They’ Want?”

He said he started traveling and doing photography, including meeting an extraterrestrial in 2010 in Sedona, Arizona, which he features in his book.

“This is the first book I’ve wanted to do since 2012,” he said, putting his ET experiences into writing.

Emmons’ DNN work is on its YouTube and Facebook sites. Follow Emmons on his Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

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