Hope for humanity in gratitude, leading to joy| MARK HUGHES COBB

Problem with April Fool’s in Alabama: No matter what absurd, off-putting, nerve-wracking junk you might crank out as a finely-honed joke, it’s probably already happened. Probably in Montgomery. Certainly in campaign ads.

Happy thankful day, everyone!

And no, that’s not a late April 1st joke. I can abide by rules. Some, anyway.

As glooms of winter recede with each passing tornado warning, ushering in our rare, beloved spring days — we’ve had two already, so that’s about it for 2022 — I’ve decided it’s time to express gratitude, and thus invite joy right into my life

Joy! You’re welcome! Take y’ shoes off, come on ‘n’ set a spell.

Sorry, I tried. Can’t even type with a Southern accent.

Expressing gratitude, I keep reading, will open yourself up to joy.

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