LATFOB 2022 presents Maeve’s Poetic Vibes: A Medley of Unusual Poems and Poetic Thoughts

Poetry Presents Pondered Thoughts in an Author’s Reflective Masterpiece

Author shares her unsung poems about life through a poetic narrative”

—Elisient Maeve Vernon

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2022 / — The passion for poetry is still burning in the heart of Elisient Maeve Vernon, a dedicated author and poet, as reflected on her newly published book Maeve’s Poetic Vibes : A Medley of Unusual Poems and Poetic Thoughts. Since she was a child, Vernon has been writing poems to express her unusual poetic thought of her. However, her poems by her were never published and acknowledged. As revealed in the book, she used to write according to the mood, to the emotions she felt during that time, or to the necessity of writing a poem for a church program. In spite of her declining and aging years, her youthful heart and love for poetry remains ageless.

The book contains a mixture of poetry – a kaleidoscope of moods, styles, interests, musings and vibes. Every poem is in a free-style verse with a succinct articulation of metaphors and imagery, leaving readers to reflect on life’s wandering journey. With a relative set of metaphysical inquiries, Vernon compartmentalizes the subtopics in Reflections, Tributes, Contemplation, Song Lyrics, Children’s Pages, On The Lighter Side, and Contributing Poets’ section. As a dedication to serve God in an ultimate purpose, Vernon’s accomplishment de ella in writing the book was guided by some pastoral notes, taken from a church newsletter written by her husband Rev. SH Vernon during his tenure as a pastor.

Maeve’s Poetic Vibes: A Medley of Unusual Poems and Poetic Thoughts
Written by Elisient Maeve Vernon
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