10 Best Moon Knight Costumes From Marvel Comics

Moon Knight has introduced a couple of different costumes for the iconic supernatural hero, both based on some of the most distinctive comic book looks of the character. Like the majority of Marvel Comics superheroes, Moon Knight has had several different costumes throughout his nearly five decades of existence, and the best have directly inspired the live-action costume.

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Some of the best Moon Knight costumes from Marvel Comics also come from the multiverse, especially the Earth X version, which seems to have had the most impact on the MCU design. Others take the classic elements of the core Moon Knight costume and turn them upside down, creating new and interesting takes that could potentially inspire variants of the character in the MCU multiverse.


Silver Armor

Moon Knight wears a suit of armor in Marvel Comics.

For a brief time in some of the best Moon Knight comics of the 90s, Moon Knight wore a suit of silver armor. This powerful armor echoed the basic design but translated it into what was then a much more practical form than the cloth costumes he had been wearing.

The armored look reinforces the concept of Marc Spector being a knight, but the primary purpose of the suit was actually to keep him alive. The Hobgoblin infected Moon Knight with a demonic virus, forcing him to wear the suit to maintain his humanity from him.


ArachKnight is one of the most powerful versions of Moon Knight in Marvel Comics. It’s also one of his most striking costumes of him, combining the signature elements of Moon Knight and Spider-Man into something wholly unique and memorable.

The red and white color contrast is instantly iconic, as is the exaggerated spider emblem that dominates the cuirass of the armor. This version of the character appeared in the 2018 infinity warps storyline that fused dozens of iconic characters.

Moon Knight 2099 (Tabitha)

Spider-Man 2099 meets Moon Knight 2099 in Marvel Comics.

A version of Moon Knight exists in the 2099 universe of Earth-TRN590, one of the darkest future timelines in Marvel Comics. This female Moon Knight names Tabitha wears a completely armored suit, with reinforced vambraces and padding that gives her a more practical look.

This version would fit right into the aesthetic of the MCU if she were to appear as would her primary weapon. She wields the Soulsword, the same mystical blade that Magik does in the present timeline of Earth-616, making Tabitha extremely powerful.

Moon Knight 2099

Moon Knight 2099 launches into battle in Marvel Comics.

A new 2099 Moon Knight is on the horizon in the comics and his costume is one of the most unique of any version of the character. The newest and most dramatic feature is his helmet, a dome that completely encloses his head, not unlike the Red Hood from DC Comics.

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Little is known about this version of Moon Knight, who will appear in the upcoming Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #3. But his costume from him embodies the best elements of all the Moon Knight designs including the prominent crescent symbol on his chest and helmet.

All-New, All-Different

Marvel Comics Moon Knight

As part of the All-New, All-Different era of Marvel Comics in 2015, Moon Knight got a brand new set of armor. It’s one of his best costumes of him, maintaining the classic elements while pushing ahead with a practical and modern sensibility in its use of modular armor.

The costume also introduces a powerful dose of black, replacing the white which had been dominant in his costume for decades. It’s a throwback to his original costume from him in Marvel Comics, which featured a two-tone white and black scheme that was later abandoned.

West Coast Avengers

Moon Knight and Hank Pym join the West Coast Avengers in Marvel Comics.

In the 80s, Moon Knight’s costume continued to evolve. His base costume de él added several Egyptian elements in the vambraces and belt that more directly linked him to the ancient power of Khonshu. Golden elements feature in the MCU version, a callback to this iteration.

Moon Knight also sometimes features a golden ankh as his emblem and used one as a weapon in some cases, especially in his earliest days as a member of one of the best Avengers team rosters in the comics, the late 80s West Coast Avengers.

Ultimate Moon Knight

Ultimate Moon Knight from Marvel Comics.

Ultimate Moon Knight from Earth-1610 is a dramatic departure from the Earth-616 version. Though he maintains the crescent moon motif, he creates one of the strongest looks for the character by going all black in the design.

This early 2000s costume is also much more realistic in his use of armor and armament, with the addition of a battle staff that other versions have not used. While he had a hood, it was bigger and more part of his cape than him, giving this version a distinctive silhouette.

Earth X

Moon Knight (Earth X) attacks in Marvel Comics.

While many of Moon Knight’s best costumes have pushed him toward practicality, the Earth X version succeeds in leaning into the impractical but obvious. This alternate reality version wears layers of mummy bandages, a striking visual cue linking him to ancient Egypt that the MCU version has adopted.

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This version of the costume has little in the way of obvious Moon Knight iconography, but maintains the classic silhouette of the character and has become one of the simplest but most effective versions.

mr knight


The Mr. Knight costume is one of the best Moon Knight costumes for how boldly it abandons the core elements of the classic look. Mr. Knight wears a three-piece suit and a face mask, creating a clean and deceptively simple look.

The suit keeps the all-white color of earlier suits and the crescent emblem, making him undeniably Moon Knight but in a bizarre, modern way. This costume was adapted into the MCU series, with some unique embellishments for the screen.

Classic Costume

The best Moon Knight costume is still in many ways the first. Though the basic look of the costume has evolved since the beginning, the core elements of an all-white hooded suit dominated by crescent emblems have more or less remained in place.

The signature design elements were established in Werewolf By Night #32 back in the 1970s and have been added and adjusted by a succession of artists over the years including Bill Sienkewicz, Stephen Platt, and many more.

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