Coweta romance author to publish 26th book

Coweta resident Danielle Thorne started writing as a hobby in 2008, and 14 years later, she’s set to release her 26th book.

Her forthcoming novel “A Promise For His Daughter,” will be published on April 26.

Thorne’s books are largely romance novels—some are historical romances and others are contemporary—but she has a few nonfiction books, too.

Her writing was done in spare time and late nights after her children had gone to bed.

“If there was anything that I learned, it was that I wasn’t happy if I wasn’t writing, even if it was just a paragraph a day. It kept me fulfilled,” she said.

Thorne said most of her books were published through indie publishers and as ebooks, but recently she’s started writing romance novels for Harlequin’s Love Inspired imprint.

Her novel falls into the inspirational romance genre, she said, which has a focus on faith in the stories. She added that she feels drawn to stories that have happily-ever-afters.

Here recent contemporary stores focus on small-town southern life. Though the places in her books by Ella are fictional, she said she drew inspiration from Newnan and Coweta County while crafting the setting.

The Newnan Town Square, train depot and surrounding homes all make appearances, but with different names, she said.

Thorne described herself as an introvert, and with her work being initially published online, she found herself connecting with other like-minded authors in online communities.

Online writing groups allowed for a wider range of perspectives for critique of work, Thorne said.

“You have a bigger pool of people to connect with. There (are) critic groups and online classes,” she said. “That’s where my target audience is and where my peers are, so you exchange information and tips, and tips on the industry get passed back and forth … It usually breaks off by genre — romance groups and sci-fi groups. I think it’s a great supportive community, and it’s a bigger pool of people to work with until you find your tribe.”

Lately, she said, she’s tried participating in more local writing groups, and she will appear on an author’s panel at the Sharpsburg Library on Saturday, April 30 at 1 pm

Thorne said one of her upcoming works of fiction is quite different from her previous work.

It will be a piece of women’s fiction inspired by observations Thorne has had while living in the South.

She said she feels Southern women put immense pressure on themselves, which affects marriages and families, until they crash.

Throne said she wants this novel to address that observation.

“I don’t think that a lot of women allow themselves to be real. Their families have to be perfect, they have to be at church on Sunday, and I think that’s something that we don’t talk about a lot,” she said. “I think my generation needs to quit sacrificing everything and playing the martyr through some cultural expectation of ‘You have to be this and have to be that.'”

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