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Local author Margreat Davis is known by the pen name MJ Spickett. Davis is a resident of Espanola while voice actor Jayson Stewart who narrates the book is from Massey. They are working together on what will hopefully be the first in a series of audiobooks from Davis’s novel series Raven’s Realm.
The book Raven’s Child will be released on Amazon in an eBook format on May 2 this year with a print edition coming out on May 28. The May 2 release date for the eBook will be the 20th anniversary of finishing writing the original novel. According to Davis, “This is the republication of my very first novel that was written in 2002, first published in 2004, (it) bounced between two publishers in 2010 to mid-2021, and is now back under my control again. It has been rewritten, edited, and rebranded to reflect 2022 and be introduced to a new audience.”
Stewart and the author have known each other for about a decade. “I’ve known Jayson approximately ten years and I’ve worked on a few projects with him. He’s very talented and has an amazing voice and a lot of range. We’ve talked about him narrating one of my novels quite a few times but never could pin down which one until now. It wasn’t until I took back control of my original novels (I have another publisher working on my newest novel series) that we sat down and came to the decision that he would narrate Raven’s Child and then hopefully the rest of that novel series bit by bit,” Davis said.
Stewart is well known for his film production by his company Laps In Judgment Films, as well he is a sought after voice actor. According to Stewart, narrating Raven’s Child is his biggest audio project. “This is my largest audio project to date. My second largest would be the narration of over 80 lessons from the Quran. I was one of a number of narrators from around the world including France, England, Germany, and Egypt. My third largest project was as the narrator and archangel Michael in a podcast Christmas series called Magi & the Quest for Christmas.” Stewart will be recording the book at his home studio with Laps In Judgment Studios.
“The Raven’s series, as well as its spin-off series Women of Ravenwood, were written while living in Blind River. My young adult series Gods Among Dragons was written while living in Massey. My newest series is called Immortals. The very first novel, Whispers of the Immortal, is due out March 28th and published through Corvus Quill Press out of Chicago. I hope to have my backlog completely republished by the end of 2023 with the new books sprinkled in between. As of right now, the books will be available and hopefully in local book stores soon,” Davis said.
In describing the book Raven’s Child, Davis said it’s about “reincarnation is never as it seems.” She briefly explained the book, “For some it’s (reincarnation) a chance at a new life, their past often forgotten. For others, the person they were in their previous life finds a way of breaking free to overshadow their present incarnation. Yet sometimes, a soul will split in two, neither half whole without the other, both suffering a heartache no one else would ever truly understand.”
“Eleven-year-old Elijah Hawke spent his life feeling as if something was missing. Born with the full power of his previous incarnation, he has been hunted and tormented by rival magick users his entire life. One traumatic event causes him to call upon his past incarnation, needing his adult self to handle the pain his child mind could not. Now he and Anthony Sinclair, a powerful sorcerer, battle for dominance over his body and the love of a woman whose past tightly intertwines with their own while they travel halfway across the planet to find the missing half of his soul.
The original publication of Raven’s Child received glowing reviews including Priya Sridhar’s review and description of the book as “a whirlwind adventure.” Lone Wolf Books and Reviews described the book as “A dash of Harry Potter with a dash of True Blood. The dark is balanced out by hope, and in true Spickett fashion the heat never lets up.”

Local author Margreat Davis with her latest novels Fallen and Unspoken Oaths.  Book 1 & 2 of the Women of Ravenwood series.
Local author Margreat Davis with her latest novels Fallen and Unspoken Oaths. Book 1 & 2 of the Women of Ravenwood series.

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