The Many Faces of Khonshu

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Connecting with Marc Spector

Archaeologists Peter Alraune, Sr. and his daughter Marlene uncovered a statue of Khonshu inside the tomb of Pharaoh Seti’s tomb. But a mercenary named Raoul Bushman raided the dig and killed Peter. Then Marc Spector, who had been Raoul’s ally, turned on him. There was all kinds of drama and Raoul left Marc in the desert to die. Marlene and the others involved in the dig believed he was actually dead and laid out his body in front of the tomb. Marc then rose from the dead, claiming Khonshu had resurrected him and tasked him with the mission of serving the cause of vengeance as Moon Knight. This gave him enhanced reflexes, durability, and strength, all tied to the lunar cycle (though he leveled up his powers from him for a while recently — read more about that and all things Marc Spector here).

Marc returned to New York and ultimately became a hero. But his complicated relationship with Khonshu, who often had his own priorities, made things difficult for him.

If you’re looking forward to seeing more of the enigmatic Khonshu, check out MOON KNIGHT #11 (on-sale May 11) and MOON KNIGHT: BLACK, WHITE & BLOOD #1 (on-sale May 18). In case you missed it, get a special preview of MOON KNIGHT #11, as revealed earlier today!

Want to read more of Moon Knight’s phases? Read his complete history on Marvel Unlimited, or start with intro series MOON KNIGHT (2016) by Jeff Lemire, Greg Smallwood, Wilfredo Torres, Max Bemis, and Jacen Burrows to revisit his origin of him.

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