Theo Sharpe Proves Bridgerton Needs To Change Eloise’s Story

Bridgerton season 2 introduced Theo Sharpe, a character who is not in the books. His relationship with Eloise proves a change to her story of her could work.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Bridgerton season 2.

Bridgerton season 2 made more than a few changes from the books and also added in new characters, including Theo Sharpe, whose presence altered Eloise Bridgerton’s story. In the Bridgerton books, written by Julia Quinn, Eloise’s love story takes center stage in the fifth book, called To Sir Phillip, With Love. the Bridgerton series may follow the novels they’re based on to some extent, but it’s a different medium entirely, one that allows for more depth and exploration of characters who are not yet ready to be in the main romance of the season.


As an ensemble show, it means Eloise gets quite a meaty storyline in Bridgerton season 2. She’s still on the search for Lady Whistledown’s identity, but Eloise also finds she enjoys the company of one Theo Sharpe, a printer’s assistant who is beneath her station. Theo proved to be a good love interest for Eloise. Not only were they attracted to each other, but they had a meeting of minds, with Theo not at all dismissive of Eloise’s interest and passion for women’s rights. Eloise and Theo had a good rapport throughout Bridgerton season 2 and they discussed things Eloise couldn’t talk much about with anyone in the ton, most of whom didn’t take her seriously.

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Theo was someone who respected Eloise and vice versa. He’s also someone who offered a different perspective than the one she’d grown up with as a member of the ton. While Eloise distanced herself from Theo by the end of season 2, Bridgerton should stay the course and change Eloise’s love interest from the books in future seasons. In Quinn’s fifth Bridgerton novel, Eloise ends up marrying Sir Phillip Crane, who is currently married to Marina on the show. However, the two have not yet interacted in any meaningful way and his disposition and interests of him do not really align with Eloise’s spirited personality and passions of her. It’s hard to say if Bridgerton will see from the books so completely; so far, both Anthony and Daphne have ended up with their love matches from the novels.

However, by adding Theo as a part of Eloise’s storyline, it would be remiss of Bridgerton to simply abandon their budding romance considering how great of a match they are. Eloise dislikes the tone and its rules, so it seems fitting that she could end up with Theo or, at the very least, someone like him in the future. Suffice it to say that Bridgerton will have to put in a lot more effort regarding Phillip Crane (who is still with Marina Thompson) if the show is to eventually set up his romance with Eloise because it doesn’t seem possible at present. Not to mention that Theo is much more Eloise’s type. Phillip in Quinn’s novel is also rather grumpy, aloof, and he is not the best father to his children, whereas Theo is open and thoughtful.

Eloise leaving in the middle of the night to accept the proposal of a man she’d never met doesn’t sound like something Eloise would do. What’s more, Eloise should remain an independent spirit; ending up with Phillip as in the books would not be the best way to ensure her happiness. For now, it’s unclear if Theo will return in Bridgerton season 3 and, if he does, what his and Eloise’s story might look like it should continue. While it seems unlikely he will return, the Netflix series has deviated enough from the books in certain respects — changing or adding in new elements to the story that weren’t there — that it wouldn’t be impossible for Eloise’s primary romance in Bridgerton to change as well.

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