Young woman offers sassy response when she overhears gossip about her own cheating father while sitting at a hair salon | tracey folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by a family friend, who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

First, she was shocked; then she got revenge.

My brother’s girlfriend was the daughter of a local politician. One day, she went to the hairdresser to get her hair cut and permed. It was the first time she had ever visited this salon, but she’d heard good things about them.

Another woman was having her hair permed, too. My brother’s girlfriend and the other customer sat in neighboring chairs as the hairdressers worked on their hair.

She perked up when her fellow customer and the other hairdresser started discussing someone who sounded familiar.

“So my sister was expecting [name redacted] to leave his wife. You know?” the customer said to the hairdresser. “But it hasn’t happened yet. They work together, so everyone knows their business. Everyone knows exactly what’s going on, except his wife from him.”

“Really,” the hairdresser said. “Tell me more.”

“He told my sister that he never loved his wife, and he only married her because she was carrying their first child. They have three kids now. Teenagers.”

“That must be annoying,” the hairdresser said. “If there’s anything worse than dating a man with one kid, it’s dating a man with three.”

The two women laughed.

“He’s running for local office right now, and there are signs with his name and his face on them everywhere. My sister said that’s why they ca n’t go out together in public, at least not until he leaves his wife.

“Oh, I know exactly who you’re talking about,” the hairdresser said. “I’ve seen the signs around town. He’s very handsome, hardworking, and intelligent.”

“He is,” the customer agreed, “very handsome, and apparently, he’s just as popular with the ladies as he is with the voters. Maybe even more. My sister is a lucky woman, or at least she will be when he gets divorced and marries her instead. They make a great couple. I just wish he would hurry up and leave his wife like he promised. The kids are old enough now. They’ll be fine.”

My brother’s girlfriend could feel her heart pounding in her chest, but her hair was slathered in chemicals. She decided to ride out the situation to its natural conclusion.

Finally, she was finished. She walked to the front desk and paid for her perm.

“Would you like to schedule your next appointment?” the receptionist asked. She held her pen poised above the appointment book, ready to set the new appointment in ink, but there would be no new appointment. Not at that salon.

“No, thank you,” my brother’s girlfriend replied loudly. “And by the way, you can let those two women know the man they’re gossiping about is my father.”

The two women who had been gossiping turned to stare at her.

She waved and smiled sweetly before walking out the door with her head held high. Ella that’s just the kind of self-assured and confident young woman she was.

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