Final Fantasy 14 Removes Gender Lock On Almost All Gear in 6.1

Final Fantasy 14 is launching the first major content patch of Endwalker on April 12th, called Newfound Adventure. Other than starting off a completely new chapter in Final Fantasy 14’s storyline, it also brings with it several features that were often requested by the community over the years – with more on the way in later Endwalker patches.

It’s no secret that fashion in Final Fantasy 14 is a high priority for players, as well as a great source of their enjoyment with the game. As valid as tackling challenging endgame content such as Ultimate and Savage raids, collecting and assembling unique outfits to glamor over their gear is something that many in the community pursue – and one could always use more glamor slots and more inclusivity.


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Luckily for them, Square Enix has brought two better quality of life additions with Newfound Adventure that attempt to address the two requests. The first is an expanded set of glamor plates, raising the number of saved outfits a player can possess at any time from 15 to 20. Furthermore, the restriction to applying glamor plates only in capital cities has been lifted, as they can now be applied in any area that counts as a sanctuary.

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The second addition seeks to address inclusivity and expand on player agency and choice by removing the gender locks for most of the outfits that were previously separated by gender, with a few Mog Store sets remaining the only gendered outfits left in the game. These sweeping changes even include the Rathalos sets, but the majority of the resources were spent on the crafted glamor sets that have no level restrictions.

Given how many times female characters have found themselves wanting to wear that specific pair of pants, or a vest, or even a simple pair of shoes, these changes will finally let them do so unhindered by arbitrary restrictions. Sometimes people just want to dress their male Miqo’te retainer up into a maid, and starting from April 12th in Newfound Adventure, they’ll be able to do just that.

While there are many non-gendered outfits in Final Fantasy 14 already, Newfound Adventure will further expand the choices available to players, and having more choices is never a bad thing when it comes to expressing one’s virtual self. The first Endwalker content patch will also bring with it a plethora of new outfits – a new Alliance raid set for every role, and a new crafted outfit obtained from treasure maps.

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is available now for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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