Marvel Officially Cancels Black Widow Comic Series

Marvel Comics has unceremoniously canceled the acclaimed Black Widow series from Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande, with issue #15 being its last.

WARNING: Spoilers for Black Widow (2020) ahead!

In a move that surprised fans marvel comics you have canceled the popular Black Widow series after only 15 issues, wrapping up its latest arc but not continuing Natasha’s story at this time. Kelly Thompson, the writer behind the Black Widow series, clearly had longer term plans for the stories she was building upon, and has made it clear she is hopeful she will get to tell them at some point.

Thompson’s Black Widow has had several arcs in its short 15 issue run, but the most recent one became incredibly popular because of the truly brutal fights it made Natasha go through. The arc, “Die By The Blade,” introduced a new character created by Thompson called The Living Blade, a terrifying and skilled swordsman who has a long history with Black Widow that started years ago in Madripoor. By the end of Black Widow #14 an absolutely vicious fight between the two left Natasha defeated, with the Living Blade fully slicing off her arm below the shoulder… although in the final issue she was quickly saved by Hawkeye and had her limb regrown by a metahuman.


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The news that Marvel had canceled the Black Widow series came as a big surprise to fans. Thompson announced it on her de ella Substack de ella, where she reported that she ca n’t talk about details, but is optimistic that her de ella and the Black Widow creative team will be able to continue Natasha’s story at some point. Black Widow was drawn by Elena Casagrande, inked by Elisabetta D’Amico, and colored by Jordie Bellaire, with editing by Sarah Brunstad, making the series have an almost entirely female creative team, something incredibly rare to find in comics. Read below for Thompson’s official Substack statement as well as the Editor’s Note on the final page of Black Widow #fifteen:

So, this IS the final issue…for now. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to talk about it, a lot of you have been asking, and it has deeply pained me to take a pass on those questions, especially since this is a book I love so much (maybe my favorite book I’ve ever done at Marvel), but there’s a lot of stuff that happens behind the scenes and it’s not always something you can talk about publicly. To be honest, I still can’t talk about as much as I’d like, but what I can say is… there ARE plans for a bit more story from this creative team. Things are still being wrangled, but I am optimistic it will work out AND be worth the wait.

Natasha’s story was beautifully told throughout Black Widowa series which saw her coming so close to living a “normal” life with a husband and her biological son, before needing to hide them away to protect them, adding emotional depth to her character that has grown her in stunning ways. The art by Casagrande and color by Bellaire are truly astounding, offering unique and emotionally expressive scenes interspersed with violently brutal fight sequences that are as impressive as any movie scene. in to Tweet celebrating the bittersweet ending of Black Widow, Thompson incredibly thanked her entire team and continued to push a message of hope, that eventually they will be able to tell more of this story. It is unclear why Marvel canceled this series so suddenly, but it is definitely perturbing that they chose to cancel an all-female led comic book with a majority female creative team.

Thankfully fans can get more of Kelly Thompson with the amazing Captain Marvel ongoing series, and the other members of the Black Widow team all have their own projects as well. hopefully to truly final story about Natasha and the team she assembled over the 15 issues of her series will be made, and fans can really see what Thompson was planning for this amazing run. Make sure to go back and pick up the first issue of Thompson’s Black Widow to fully appreciate how great it was, even with the disappointing news of its untimely cancellation.

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Source: Twitter/Kelly Thompson, Substack

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