Applications open NOW to join The Cambridge Tab’s Easter 2022 Team!

Because how else are you meant to procrastinate your revision this term?

It’s that time of the holidays again: applications to join The Tab Cambridge’s team are open again at this link right here, so now’s your chance to join up to one of our varied, flexible roles, and build a journalistic portfolio with a well-known national publication! Applications close Sunday 17th April at 9pm.

Whether you’re looking for writing & editing experience, a spot on one of our social media teams, or the chance to live out your TikTok-er dreams by producing content for TabTV’s 22k+ followers, there’s a place at The Cambridge Tab for you. Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of great socials and nights out, free training, and opportunities for free tickets to shows and more all term long – and no journalistic experience is required! What’s not to like?

Articles last term covered everything from a guide to the UCU strikes and interviews with influential figures such as The Apprentice’s Claude Littner, all the way up to lighter features pieces such as “We Swapped Cambridge Degrees for a Day” and the investigative style “Do You Regret Coming to Cambridge?”, so no matter your interests or experience level, there’ll be a role for you across one of our five thriving sections and social media teams. Read on to find out more about the roles up for grabs!

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1. Writers

One of our most flexible roles, we’re looking for new writers with plenty of ideas across all five of our sections this term. As a Tab writer, you’ll have opportunities to write original pieces, collaborate with other team members, and pick up commissions, and you’ll never be under any pressure to produce content when you’re short on time: whether you’re able to write 2 articles or 20 this term, we want to hear from you!

  • ace to NEWS WRITER, you’ll be breaking all kinds of local news – stories broken by The Cambridge Tab have previously been picked up by The Tab National and major UK newspapers, and in Michaelmas we were interviewed on BBC local TV and radio! If you like an exciting working environment, this is the section for you.
  • ace to FEATURES WRITER, you’ll be part of a flexible and hugely popular team, whose articles pick up traction on social media and get Cambridge students talking. Whether you want to rank our local Sainsbury’s, swap degrees for a day, or give us your top Easter term revision tips, we want to hear from you, and the rest of the uni does too. Last term, our features racked up thousands of views each, and this term will be no different!
  • ace to THEATER & CULTURE WRITER, you’ll be in one of the most varied sections at The Tab. Last term, we doubled the section’s output, producing weekly reviews of student theater productions, interviewing student creatives, and starting up a “Poem of the Week” feature, and this Easter we want to hear from anybody with a passion for anything theatre- or culture related. You’ll get free tickets to shows, as well as the opportunity to promote the hard work of your fellow students.
  • so yet INTERVIEWS WRITER, you’ll be in with a huge range of exciting opportunities this term. In Lent, our writers interviewed a range of people, from well-known speakers at The Union such as Claude Littner and Brian Cox, all the way to fellow students about their term-time achievements and societies.
  • so yet OPINIONS WRITER, you’ll be getting people talking. We cover a number of contentious issues and seek to give as many students from as many different backgrounds a voice as we possibly can – so if you have something to say about a topic that matters to you or your fellow students, this is the section for you.

We’re also open to applications for a columnist role: if you would like to run our Easter Term Agony Aunt column, or if you have ideas for an original column (we’ve previously had sexual health columns, recipe columns, and more! ), then we’d love to hear from you.

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If you have any questions about the role of a writer, drop us an email at [email protected]!

2.Section Editors

Like our writers, our section editors have the chance to write articles for their section, but they will also be gaining practical editing experience by overseeing the work of fellow writers, and editing it according to The Cambridge Tab’s editorial standards.

You will receive free training at the beginning of term, and since there are several section eds assigned to each section, you should never be overworked or under too much pressure!

3. Poetry Editor: *A brand new role for Easter Term!*

We’re looking for somebody to oversee our new “Poem of the Week” feature, which last term saw us publish and interview eight fantastic poets.

We’re looking for a new Poetry Editor! Image credits: Author’s own screenshots

As Poetry Editor, you will be selecting submissions for publication and speaking to poets about their work – an exciting and hugely rewarding opportunity for anybody with a love for creative writing, poetry, or editing!

4. Heads of Social Media + TabTV content creators

Do you spend your whole life scrolling through Insta and TikTok? Do you have creative ideas for marketing online content? Then these are the roles for you!

This term, we are looking for several Heads of Social Media, who will oversee our Instagram and Twitter content, and come up with original ideas for content and article marketing – and with thousands of followers already on each of our accounts, this is an exciting opportunity to expand our online platforms and gain some fun experience in media & marketing!

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Following the huge success of our Tab TikTok last term – which grew from 1k followers to over 22k in the space of just a few months – we are also looking for TikTok content creators with ideas and an open mind. These are all flexible roles and open to interpretation as you please, so if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a TikTok-er, sign yourself up now!

5.Social Secretary

Do you love socials and event planning? Are you always looking to go on a night out? We’re looking for a Social Sec to help our senior team organize full-team socials, including pub nights, term-time talks, and hopefully an end of term celebratory club night! This is a hugely flexible role which requires only good organization and an eye for what makes a good, fun social.

Feel free to apply for Social Sec in conjunction with another writing or editorial role!

6. Photographers

We’re always looking for more images and original photography to include in our articles here at The Tab Cambridge, so if you’re a keen photographer and would like to have some of your work published here with us, apply now!

To apply for any of the listed roles, click here and fill out the Google Form. Applications close Sunday 17th April at 9pm!

Remember, no journalistic experience is required, and you can apply to multiple roles if you wish. If you have any questions about the roles or applications process, email us at [email protected] – we can’t wait to read your applications!

Feature Image Credits: Sianna King (design)

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