Black Cat Fan Art Gives Marvel Hero The Perfect Modern Accessory

Black Cat gets the perfect new modern accessory in stunning new fan art from @ecairnsart showcasing the Marvel Comics antihero.

Marvel’s black cat is one of the most popular antiheroes in comics, as the top-level thief has captured the hearts and attention of readers through her mischievous actions and can’t-miss personality. And, in a stunning new piece of fan art from artist @ecairnsart, the sometimes Spider-Man friend and foe gets the perfect modern accessory, as she sports a black cat phone case while taking a selfy in costume showing her latest score.

Felicia Hardy is Marvel’s Black Cat, first appearing in the comics in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard. The daughter of one of the most infamous cat burglars in the world, Hardy would dawn her own costume and become the greatest thief in the Marvel Universe herself. Her activities have often put her in the direct path of Spider-Man, as she has shared a playful, at times romantic, relationship with the web-slinger. Black Cat has gained more and more popularity over the years, becoming an iconic antihero who still plays a key role in Spider-Man’s adventures and her own solo books at Marvel Comics.


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in to stunning piece of fan art that @ecairnsart shared on their Twitter account, Black Cat gathers the jewelry she just took and takes a selfie in costume, draped with the expensive items she just stole. The image captures Black Cat beautifully, as the antihero’s iconic costume, long white hair, and black eye mask are gorgeously drawn. Felicia Hardy’s selfie is taken with the perfect modern accessory for the character, as she has a black cat phone case seen in the mirror snapshot.

@ecairnsart shared that they imagined the fan art picture as something Spider-Man would receive from Black Cat at 2 AM in the morning. It’s fun to imagine Spider-Man’s reaction to getting the selfie, as his heart is probably beating quite fast after seeing her’s Black Cat’s beauty and that she’s committed another heist. His flustered response from her would perfectly illustrate the hero’s back-and-forth relationship from her with Black Cat and why he’s continually entranced with her, despite her criminal activity from her.

Ultimately, the stunning fan art perfectly captures Black Cat while giving Felicia Hardy the perfect modern accessory, as it’s not farfetched to believe she would have a black cat phone case. The fan art selfie does a great job of showcasing the sultry black cat, her thieving wealth, and the character’s more playful side. It’s an excellent representation of Marvel’s greatest thief.

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Source: @ecairnsart – Twitter

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