Broadway and Beyond: Following massive success overseas, “The Little Prince” set to open in NYC

NEW YORK — Among the new shows on Broadway is one inspired by a beloved children’s book. “The Little Prince” opens Monday for a limited run at the Broadway Theater.

With aerial acrobatics, the international cast and creative team told CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis it’s a magical journey.

Take flight and enter the universe of “The Little Prince.”

“He finds Rose that is blossoming and he just falls in love with her and he’s traveling in the universe trying to find a way to protect her,” actor Lionel Zalachas said.

While on his journey, he encounters different people and characters, learning many life lessons.

“From each character there’s a symbol. There’s a message so you can learn,” Zalachas said.

Zalachas is The Little Prince.

“It’s definitely an honor since it’s one of the main books of the 20th century,” Zalachas said.

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The show is inspired by the best-selling classic children’s book written by French author Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

“For us, very meaningful to be on Broadway, to be in New York, where my uncle wrote the book 80 years ago,” said Oliver d’Agay, the great nephew of de Saint-Exupery.

Since getting published in 1943, it has become one of the most translated books of all time, spanning generations and inspiring readers, regardless of language, country or culture.

“We just know that it’s impacted a lot in the hearts of the people,” said Chris Mouron, who is the show’s co-director.

“It sounds like there’s something that everybody could take away from seeing this,” DeAngelis said.

“Exactly, and all ages,” Mouron said.

Mouron co-directs alongside director Anne Tournié, who is also its choreographer, bringing the book to life on stage through dance, acrobatics, narration and vivid visuals.

“To give emotion as I received the emotion of the book from my mother. I wanted to bring back to the audience,” Tournié said.

Both say, when creating the show, they never imagined they’d make it to Broadway.

“Incredible, ‘incroyable’ in French,” Tournié said.

That is echoed by members of the cast, especially two who grew up in New York.

“Walking in the Theater District and finally walking to your own stage where you’ve got your own name plate, it’s a dream come true,” said George Sanders, an ensemble member from Harlem.

“For folk who’ve stayed home for so long, it gives a chance to really travel, metaphorically, literally,” said Iris Beaumier, The Narrator.

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And after the pandemic shut down shows, being able to bring a new one to Broadway is something they don’t take for granted.

“For all of the artists in the world, they hear Broadway… this is the top of the top. That is a dream,” said Marcin Janice, who plays The Lamplighter.

“I think it’s giving us even more energy to just try to bring back the audience and just have the whole industry go back. I think it’s special to be part of this rebirth,” added Laurisse Sulty, who plays The Rose.

Opening night is Monday, but “The Little Prince” is only running for a limited time – through Aug. 14.

“The Little Prince” started in Paris in 2019, where it had sold-out runs, along with in Sydney and Dubai. The cast is hoping to bring that same energy to New York.


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