Don’t skimp on sluggers from waiver wire

With your fantasy baseball drafts complete and MLB Opening Day now in your rearview mirror, excitement levels are at an all-time high when you think back to where we were with the MLB lockout just one month ago.

Today, we get daily baseball action, a full 162-game schedule and a fantasy roster to adjust as if we’re some big-time general manager. Your teams should always be considered a work in progress, and just as for Padres GM AJ Preller, it’s never too early or too late to tinker with your roster.

The fantasy waiver wire will be a hotbed of action this weekend, as many who play the game have a tendency to panic and overthink playing-time situations. You should be checking your league transactions every day and monitoring who gets dropped, because in many cases, overzealous fantasy managers make mistakes. That will be your assignment for next week, but in the meantime, you should explore some under-the-radar power-hitters who could give you an early boost.

Luke Voit
Luke Voit
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We were so focused on Opening Day festivities that many forgot this past Thursday was also National Beer Day. They did not forget in Arizona, as Diamondbacks DH Seth Beer celebrated with a game-winning home run.

Beer is hardly considered a dynamic player, but this kid can rake. He showed tremendous power potential in the minors and is now taking full advantage of the switch to a universal DH this season. Strikeouts will be prevalent, so avoid him in any league that he negatively scores for whiffs, but if you can handle a .240 batting average, you could see 20-25 home runs this season.

Also flying under the radar are Angels outfielder Brandon Marsh and, believe it or not, Padres first baseman Luke Voit. We are all very aware of Voit’s power potential, having watched him lead the shortened 2020 season in home runs, but for some reason, he becomes a forgotten man now that he’s on the West Coast.

Marsh is in a similar boat, as all the focus is on Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout, leaving Marsh to sit quietly in a corner while producing both power and speed for your fantasy teams.

If your league is going to leave 20-homer potential on the waiver wire, take full advantage and pad your counting stats. As we move further into the season and other needs develop, you can choose to target them however you wish. But for now, take the gifts your league gives you. Then, after waivers process, you can see what other presents they’ve mistakenly left behind.

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