Marc Spector’s 10 Most Powerful Abilities, According To Comics

Moon Knight is often compared to Batman, and at a glance, it makes some sense. However, aside from just being a man in a suit, fighting for city-wide justice, there is so much more to Moon Knight than some Marvel fans realize.

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Marc Spector is not a character that most would be familiar with, but with his debut in the Moon Knight series on Disney+, it’s important to understand his comic origins and abilities to get an idea as to where this series could be headed. His skills from him as a trained mercenary, paired with his god-given abilities from him, make him an incredibly formidable force in the Marvel universe.


Master Martial Artist

Moon Knight fights Spider-Man in Marvel Comics.

Before there was Moon Knight, there was just Marc Spector: heavyweight boxing champion, US Marine, and highly skilled mercenary. Like some of the best Marvel martial artists, Spector has undergone a series of intense training in which he became the master of boxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, Judo and so much more.

Without the aid of the Egyptian God, Khonshu, he has held his own in both armed and unarmed combat, proving his knowledge to be superior to his opponents.

Weapon Master

An image of Moon Knight standing in the rain in the Marvel comics

His time in the military and as a mercenary brought him in close quarters with a large assortment of different weapons. His knowledge of weapons extends from swords, batons, and brass knuckles, all the way to pistols, rifles, and grenade launchers.

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This is only a glimpse of what Marc is capable of wielding. His knowledge of these things makes him a master marksman, capable of pinpointing accuracy with any weapon.

Enhanced Brain Function

Moon Knight wears a suit of armor in Marvel Comics.

Although Moon Knight comic books fans are well aware of this fact, some newer fans might not realize that the vigilante has some godlike abilities. When Marc was resurrected by Konshu, their minds essentially became connected, which fundamentally changed the structure of Marc’s brain.

Although there is no definitive showcase as to the extent of these changes, it was ultimately summed up by Marc as his brain being “rebuilt as a god’s weapon.” This change in structure serves as a barrier for psychic and telepathic attacks, and allows him to have complete control over his mindscape of him.

Healing Factor

Moon Knight and Punisher fight

One of the powers he acquired through his deal with Khonshu was the ability to heal at accelerated speeds. This was not the case at all times, however, because in the event that he was wounded, his speed healing processes would only take place upon being in direct contact with moonlight.

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the Moon Knight series on Disney+ makes it seem like the suit they wear causes them to be nearly indestructible, but it would be interesting to see how the moon affects his abilities in this show.

Moon’s Might

Moon Knight fights Werewolf By Night in Marvel Comics.

Speaking of the moon, Moon Knight is directly affected by the phases of the moon. An ability gifted to him by Khonshu, the vigilante gains power boosts as the moon changes phases.

He is a powerful opponent regardless of the moon, but as it gets closer to the full moon phase, Moon Knight gains more and more power. When the moon is full, Moon Knight is at his best from him, and can even give him the boost to best some of Earth’s mightiest and most powerful single-handed MCU heroes.


An image of Moon Knight standing on a roof in the Marvel comics

Marc Spector was initially resurrected upon striking a deal with the Egyptian God of the Moon, Khonshu. This deal made Marc his avatar of him, named the “Fist of Khonshu”, and he was to do Khonshu’s bidding while fighting for justice on Earth.

This being said, Marc was not done until Khonshu was done, granting him immortality. Marc Spector had been brought back to life at least three times since becoming Moon Knight in the comics, which could be something audiences get to see in the new Moon Knight series.

Power absorption

Moon Knight perched on a log in the Marvel comics

This is one of Marc’s more interesting powers, and certainly one that many fans hope gets explored in the series. In the comics, Moon Knight acquired the ability to absorb the power of other beings, and he used it on several occasions.

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He’s been able to absorb the powers of Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, and even the Supreme Sorcerer, and yet the limitations of this ability remain unclear. However, it seems that, if given the opportunity, Moon Knight would be capable of absorbing the powers of Starbrand or even the Phoenix Force.


An image of Moon Knight throwing his throwing his weapons in the Marvel comics

Moon Knight has some seriously powerful moments in the comics, and this has to be among one of the best as he has been able to control entire armies of undead mummies.

This would be the coolest thing to be adapted to the live-action screen, being that Moon Knight is essentially a one-man show against the powerful Arthur Harrow and his followers. Imaginably, it would happen in the moment of overwhelming attacks from Arthur, when he summons an army of mummies, which would cause fans nationwide to go wild.


An image of Moon Knight calling Thor's Hammer in the Marvel comics

Fans remember all too well the moment where Steve Rogers was able to lift Mjolnir in the final act of Avengers: Endgame. However, he was not the only other person to lift Thor’s Hammer. Moon Knight’s ability to control the different moons of the universe, and items made from them, made it possible for him to lift Mjolnir in the comics.

It’ll be interesting to see if the writers will incorporate this into the tv series as well since it could potentially create another memorable MCU scene that fans will love to rewatch over and over.

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