My friend boarded a bus to find her parents who abandoned her when she was 14 | countrymom

**This article is based on nonfiction about actual events that were told to me by my friend; used with permission.

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of interesting people. One of my friends that I worked with shared a very personal story with me. Her mother de ella remarried when she was about 12. She did n’t get along well with her new stepfather, but she stayed busy with school and did n’t see him a lot.

One afternoon, when my friend was 14 years old almost 15 years old, she came home to an empty house. Everything in the house was gone, except for what was in her bedroom. Her bedroom of hers was untouched. My friend sat down on her bed and cried.

She was unsure of what to do but she knew that she needed a good education to get a good job and earn a living. She stayed in the house through the end of the month when the rent was due. She attended school every day and began to do some research to figure out where her parents had gone.

She questioned a trusted neighbor and learned that they had gone two states away near some other relatives of hers. So she packed her backpack with her most important belongings and a few changes of clothes and took all of her babysitting money and left on a bus to that town.

Upon arrival, she went to her relative’s house where it was confirmed that her parents had indeed moved into that town. She played it off that she had stayed behind to complete the previous term in school. She never let on that she had been left behind. The relatives invited her parents from her to dinner that night.

When her parents walked in they were shocked to see her sitting there at the dinner table. My friend acted like nothing was wrong and left with them when they went home. She said that the ride to their new house was pretty quiet.

Her parents acted like everything was normal when they arrived at the new house. They showed her to a small bedroom with a cot for a bed. Nothing more was ever said about their de ella having left her behind when they moved. My friend would stay in this room until she was finished with high school. After high school, she left home for good rarely seeing her parents de ella again.

In my book, this was blatant child abuse no matter how you look at it. My friend didn’t see it that way, she told me that it only served to make her stronger. I wouldn’t have gone in search of parents who abandoned me, I would have found a menial paying job and stayed with friends until I managed to graduate or get my own place. What would you have done? Would you have gone looking for parents that abandoned you and left you to figure things out on your own at 14 or 15? Share with us in the comments.

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