My mother was horrified when her sister-in-law’s husband asked her to run away with him | tracey folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events as told to me by my mother, who experienced them firsthand; used with permission.

Trapped in an awful marriage himself, my uncle thought he had found the perfect solution.

My mother has made no secret of the fact that the early years of her marriage to my father were beyond difficult.

The marriage between my father’s sister and her husband was likewise difficult. So when her sister-in-law’s husband asked her to run away with him, my mother felt horrified, but she didn’t feel surprised.

My mother, her sister-in-law, and her sister-in-law’s husband were coworkers. So my mother spent a lot of time with the other couple and observed firsthand how harshly the woman treated her husband.

According to my mother, her sister-in-law was an awful woman. My mother told me that her sister-in-law de ella was as mean and unpleasant as my father. After all, they were siblings whose parents had raised them the same way; they were two chips from the same block.

My uncle had been married to my father’s sister for years, and the two of them were not happy. My aunt was a demanding woman who never acted satisfied, and my uncle was always walking on eggshells around her.

One day, my mother and her sister-in-law’s husband ate lunch together at work. He told her he had come up with a plan that would help both of them out of their respective difficult marriages.

His plan was for my mother and him to run away together. My uncle would divorce my aunt, and my mother would divorce my father. Then, the two of them would be free to start a new life together with no interference from their exes.

“It would be great,” he told my mother.

My mother was confused. “What would be great?” she asked him.

“You and I should leave our spouses and run away together. We could start a new life.”

My mother felt shocked and horrified. She didn’t have any romantic feelings toward her sister-in-law’s husband. So she politely declined.

“We could start as friends and see what develops,” he persisted.

“No,” my mother said.

The proposal horrified my mother, and she refused immediately. She told her brother-in-law that she could never betray her husband like that, no matter how difficult things were between them.

My uncle thought that since my mother was unhappy in her marriage, she would be open to the idea of ​​running away with him. However, my mother was not interested in being the solution to her problems; she wanted nothing to do with him. She told him and made it clear that she would never.

Family gatherings were awkward for decades, according to my mother. She never knew whether he would try to approach her in private with another offer from her. Fortunately, he never did.

In fact, he never mentioned it again, but my mother never forgot his unwanted offer.

When he died recently, my mother said this about him: “He was a good man, but I don’t know what made him think I would run away with him.”

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