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Steve Martin and Martin Short took turns ribbing each other at their Contenders TV panel for Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. However, when they got serious about the mystery-comedy, the stars insisted they rarely ad lib.

“You’d be surprised how often the script gets our voices or puts new voices in our mouths,” Martin said. “The ad lib is always through consultation with [co-creator and panelist] John [Hoffman] and with the writers. We rarely surprise because we’re not those kind of actors that try to throw off another actor. We do consult every line with John.”

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During the panel, Short said Martin gets mistaken for Murder, She Wrote star Angela Lansbury and called him “close to being” one of “the few people I truly admire in show business.” But when it comes to only murderersMartin also relies on the scripts.

From left: Hoffman, Gomez and Short
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“I think you start with a very strong script, and then you start understanding the character,” Short said. “Then you start saying to the writers, ‘He wouldn’t do that,’ because now you understand him more than you did the first episode.”

For his part, Martin, appearing via Zoom, did a joke where he pretended to turn his camera off and visibly took a swig of scotch. He also paused for 10 seconds before revealing he wasn’t frozen at all.

Fellow panelist Selena Gomez made Martin and Short’s duo a trio as the young neighbor who helped them solve a mystery. Gomez said she related to her character de ella.

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“I genuinely felt very close to Mabel and a sense of she’s gaining this sort of independence and meeting these two weirdos in a way,” Gomez said. “They made me feel incredibly comfortable. I was obviously intimidated. They have ideas for me and they’ll trust me with it, and they let me do my thing.”

When he began working on only murderers with Martin, Hoffman said he worried he would try to write too much like the Martin and Short he knew. Hoffman said, on the contrary, the cast made the roles their own.

“We watch them grow with each other,” Hoffman said. “That’s the magic, as we see offscreen with the friendship Steve is talking about, that is being married with what we’ve seen develop first season and now second season.”

Only Murders in the Building returns for Season 2 on June 28.

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