Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Ethan Peck Comments On Spock’s Sexuality And Leonard Nimoy’s Influence On His Portrayal

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds‘ latest trailer showed off exciting elements from the Paramount+ show, which has the potential to change the fandom’s thoughts and perceptions of certain classic characters. This even includes elements that aren’t technically canon. For instance, quick scenes of Spock getting intimate with a Vulcan woman caused a stir among many fans who had their own thoughts about the Prime Universe character’s sexuality. Now, Ethan Peck is commenting on that subject while also explaining how his work continues to be influenced by Leonard Nimoy’s.

While it’s not canon, there’s a belief among some star trek fans that Spock is a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Theories about the character being bisexual or asexual, along with the litany of Kirk/Spock fan-fiction over the years, were brought up during the Strange New Worlds panel at Star Trek: Mission Chicago. A curious fan asked Ethan Peck if he takes that into consideration when he plays the role. Peck was honest with his response to him, saying that he thinks fans can feel however they want about the subject:

I tend not to think about how he will be received. I’m so focused on the writing and what that gives me, and however that’s perceived, and if your imagination takes it somewhere, I think that’s wonderful.

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