Aveanna Healthcare to Offer Arizona Residents Opportunity to Provide Care to Loved Ones and be Reimbursed

Under Innovative New Program, Aveanna will be able to Train Parents, Relatives and Friends to Become a Family Member’s Caregiver–

ATLANTA, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aveanna Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAH), a leading, diversified home care platform focused on providing care to medically complex, high-cost patient populations, today announced that it will participate in arizona’s Family Licensed Health Aide Program (LHA), an innovative program in the State of Arizona that will allow Aveanna to train family members who meet eligibility requirements to care for loved ones in their homes and to be paid for the vital work they do.

The LHA program has been approved by the Arizona State Legislature and signed into law by Arizona Governor doug ducey. Aveanna is now offering training to parents, relatives and other loved ones to allow them to operate in their homes as Licensed Health Aide, providing health care services.

jeff shannerChief Operations Officer of Aveanna, said: “We applaud the State of Arizona for its innovative and creative initiative to help address the acute nursing shortage. Parents and families need solutions to care for medically fragile family members, especially when home health care professionals are in such short supply. With the ability to receive training and pay for the care they provide to loved ones, these caregivers will be better able to overcome the dilemma of having to balance the responsibilities of a job with the need to secure medical care for their family members at home. “

Information about Aveanna’s LHA program can be found at www.ArizonaLHA.com. If you are interested in being part of this program, please call 602-433-1200 or send an email to LHA-AZ@aveanna.com.

About Aveanna Healthcare

Aveanna Healthcare is headquartered in Atlanta Georgia and has locations in 30 states providing a broad range of pediatric and adult healthcare services including nursing, rehabilitation services, occupational nursing in schools, therapy services, day treatment centers for medically fragile and chronically ill children and adults, home health and hospice services, as well as delivery of enteral nutrition and other products to patients. The Company also provides case management services in order to assist families and patients by coordinating the provision of services between insurers or other payers, physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. In addition, the Company provides respite healthcare services, which are temporary care provider services provided in relief of the patient’s normal caregiver. The Company’s services are designed to provide a high quality, lower cost alternative to prolonged hospitalization. For more information, please visit www.aveanna.com.

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