Couple’s parking lot public displays of affection precedes cheating scandal, bitter divorce | tracey folly

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission.

She signed her message in my high school yearbook, “Your little friend,” but we were never friends.

I attended high school with a quiet girl who never spoke. She was pale and listless due to a congenital health disorder that would eventually require an organ transplant. She had no friends.

On the last day of school before graduation, I asked her to sign my yearbook.

I cannot remember her message, and I lost my high school yearbook shortly after graduation; but I remember how she signed her note from her, right above her name from her: “Your little friend.”

She and I were never friends. We weren’t enemies either. she was just there as neutral as the desks or the chalkboards.

This girl never attended the high school dances, not even the senior prom. I never heard her talk about having a boyfriend.

I saw her several years after high school. She was so pregnant that she looked like she might give birth on the spot. My “little friend” was engaging in public displays of affection with a man whom I would later learn was her husband from her.

The couple seemed oblivious to the cars and shopping carts around them. They had their attention focused only on each other.

To outside observers, they appeared very much in love.

I didn’t think much else of it until a few weeks later when I walked into my local sandwich shop and saw the mystery man from the parking lot standing behind the counter.

As he made my sandwich, I peppered him with questions about my former high school cohort. I explained that I’d seen them together, but I didn’t mention the PDA.

He was happy to fill me in on all the details. They were married and expecting their first child, and they were very much in love.

I asked him to say hello to my fellow high school graduate; I doubted she’d remember who I was.

Over the next few months, her husband continued to make my sandwiches and fill me in on their lives. Then one day, he was gone.

Due to some incredible coincidence, he had quit working at the sandwich shop and moved on to the big box retail store across the street. It was the same place where my mother worked.

My mother filled me in on what happened next.

He met another woman while working at the department store and began an affair with her; he left his wife for his new retail coworker. And once their divorce was final, he married her.

Everything happened so quickly that I was left in shock. I can’t imagine how shocked his wife must have felt.

Apparently, blatant public displays of affection aren’t any guarantee that a relationship will last. If you could have seen them in the parking lot that day I saw them, you would never have guessed he would leave her for another woman shortly after she gave birth to their first and only child of her.

But he did.

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