Dan DiDio To CB Cebulski At Fan Expo Philadelphia – “F–


Dan DiDio‘s panel at FanExpo Philadelphia went long this weekend and we are so glad it did. The former DC Comics Publisher kept Marvel fans – and Marvel EIC C.B. Cebulski waiting at the back while he rattled through everything he is now allowed to say now that he is out of DC Comics for over a year. He ended up overrunning into the time period where Marvel Comics EIC CB Cebulski was meant to run his panel on him – the one in which they announced All Out Avengers #one.

But Dan DiDio was having too much fun talking about DC Comics. Talking 5G plans, what went on with creative and DC and Warners’ dealings behind the scenes with AT&T. I will try and get some details on what went down – or maybe I’ll just have to make it to one of his panels myself.

But DiDio was on such a roll that he seemed surprised by the appearance of the Marvel logo behind him for the next panel. And as CB Cebulski strode down the central aisle in an attempt to get a photo of DiDio in front of the Marvel logo, caused DiDio to shout “F*ck Marvel” at CB – all in good nature, of course… but maybe it might suggest DiDio’s future plans are elsewhere?

At the show, a larger proportion of just-cosplay, gaming and anime meant that big-name creators like Greg Capullo, Ben Percy, Marc Silvestri, Frank Cho, Ryan Stegman, Donny Cates, Brian Azzarello, Peter Tomasi, Charles Soule, Frank Miller, Kevin Smith, Kami Garcia, Kael Ngu, Russ Braun, Amy Chu, Michael Golden, Isaac Goodhart , Sam Wolfe Connelly, Joe Corroney, Scott Hanna, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Kevin Maguire, Mike McKone, Jonboy Meyers, Inaki and Roy Miranda, Ryan Parrott, Stephanie Phillips, Joe Rubenstein, Bob McLeod and the like were more accessible to fans than they might have been at other shows. Both on the show floor and in the bars.

Where bar talk from DC Comics creators especially seemed to be quite against the existence of the DC Round Robin talent voting contest, and the mental toll it had been having on some creators, especially new ones. As well as a couple of big creator changes that I’m told had suddenly been dropped on people. Donny Cates was soft-announcing new titles, and there’s word of a new Multiverse gail simone and Phil Note title at Marvel. If you went to the show, get in touch and tell us your own highlights! Facemasks were mostly off the agenda at the show – but maybe things moved a little too fast? A spike in cases in Philadelphia this week means indoor mask mandates is returning to Philadelphia this week. And one of the prominent comic book creators attending tested positive for COVID on the Sunday night. So everyone in contact with them is getting tested too…

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