How Star Wars Created Young Luke Skywalker’s Voice Without Mark Hamill Recording Any New Dialogue

the starwars franchise wowed fans with the digitally recreated young Luke Skywalker (complete with his signature look), who returned in The Book of Boba Fett following his previous cameo in Season 2 of The Mandalorian (to return that thrilled Mark Hamill and fans). Many likely were shocked to learn to Lucasfilm was able to craft both of the character’s appearances without recording any new dialogue with Hamill. Now, viewers have a better idea of ​​exactly how the company responsible for reviving the Jedi managed to create his vocals from him, and it was quite a process.

Ukrainian company ReSpeecher spoke to Variety about creating the Jedi Knight iteration of Luke Skywalker without recording sessions, and it’s honestly astounding. The organization dug up archives containing old ADR sessions with Mark Hamill, as well as voice work he did for video games and audiobooks over the years. With all that in hand, the team fed much cleaner audio into their app and began smoothing it out in order to recreate Hamill’s voice artificially.

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