International and SWFL authors are joining forces to raise money for Ukrainian families


A group of local and international authors is coming together to raise money for the people in Ukraine.

A collaboration of creative work by international authors and artists is also helping others. It all started with the post by a man named Rob Daniel on The Write Away, Draw Away Facebook group. It is for children’s writers and illustrators.

“What came across to me very clearly, was that we couldn’t do anything, we were helpless. But what we had, was a group of people who were very, very talented. And they loved writing, and they loved illustrating, they loved bringing stories together for children,” said Daniel, a children’s author form Australia.

Jennifer DeAngelis is an author and illustrator from Punta Gorda. “He said, ‘why don’t we put together a book. Uh, you know, it’d be quick. We’d have to get it done in like three weeks. It would be a children’s book. Um, we can all collaborate. And this would help to raise funds for the people in Ukraine,’” DeAngelis said.

Since she knew it would help people in need, DeAngelis joined the project right away. “It’s just sad what’s going on right now over there. Nobody deserves, nobody, not, you know, especially the kids, they just don’t deserve it,” she said. “And I have two kids of my own. And I can cry right now. Because, you know, I can’t even picture myself.”

So, this group of authors got to work. And together, they were able to create an e-book full of stories, poems, illustrations and cartoons.

Erika Castricum, from The Netherlands, is another author and illustrator. “Because of the horror I saw on television, that to be unable to, to actually help. And this was a way to do something,” said Castricum.

Kelvin Smith contributed to the e-book. Smith is a poet and author from Wales. “We’re all suffering with and thinking about them, you know, and if we can do anything to help, and this is just our way,” said Smith.

All the proceeds from the book will go where they are most needed, to specific families with Ukraine and Poland that have asked for assistance.

“It’ll make you realize that if you woke up this morning in the sunshine or the rain and you don’t hear missiles overhead and you still have a home there’s a lot to be grateful for,” said DeAngelis.

The authors also spoke about the importance of staying creative during times like this. They hope people continue to find faith, laughter and love when they read the e-book. If you’d like to purchase the e-book or simply donate, you can do so here.

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