Valiant Comics’ Latest Variant Cover Is Literally A Piece Of Wood

Valiant is hyping up the release of Archer and Armstrong Forever by revealing a variant featuring the title characters etched into a piece of wood.

There have been some crazy variant covers in the past, but comic publisher valiant may be putting out one of the oddest covers to ever grace a comic book. As the “Year of Valiant” trucks on, the first Archer & Armstrong issue in nearly five years is about to be unleashed. To celebrate the occasion, Valiant is releasing a special variant cover that is quite literally a piece of wood.

Archer & Armstrong is a comedic series about an immortal drunkard named Aram “Armstrong” Anni-Padda and his virtuous crimefighting partner, Obadiah Archer. The two travel the world on the run from a worldwide conspiracy known as the Sect, who are determined to kill Armstrong. The series was a staple of Valiant Comics’ original era and was one of the properties to kick off Valiant’s resurrection in 2012.


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Now, as the duo returns for more global hijinks, Valiant is honoring Archer and Armstrong with the creation of one of the most strange variant covers ever conceived. On Valiant Entertainment’s website, it was announced that the premiere issue of Archer & Armstrong Forver (written by Steve Fox) would receive a special 1:250 variant that’s made out of wood. Valiant says “This groundbreaking variant utilizes laser etching technology to brilliantly burn the artwork showcasing the always iconic Aram “Armstrong” Anni-Padda and Obadiah Archer on an authentic wood cover for the debut issue of the series.” Etched into the cover are the titular characters drawn by Marcio Fiorito, the series’ artist.

Archer and Armstrong Forever #1 Burnt Wood Variant Valiant Comics

The look of Archer and Armstrong says it all, as if the two know how unique the cover is. There’s also something to be said for the lush Armstrong carrying a wooden barrel of alcohol on a cover made from the same material. Much like the title characters, the cover is nontraditional, yet charming with a bit of attitude. The fun of Archer and Armstrong’s dynamic is taking two things that don’t seem like they’d work together, and seeing how well they actually do. Taking a slab of wood and using it as a cover might not be the standard, but Archer and Armstrong are nothing but unconventional.

The burnt wood variant comes in a long line of wild and offbeat covers to enthuse and excite readers. In the 90s, Valiant was keen on gimmicks for their comics, releasing variants such as die-cut, chromium, and holographic covers. The modern Valiant is no stranger to such outlandish stunts either, humorously creating “the most variant cover of all time” with 2017’s Quantum and Woody #1which combined several gimmicks in one cover.

While some may take issue with over-the-top novelties, Archer & Armstrong Forever’s rare cover keeps comic books’ most peculiar tradition alive. A laser-engraved piece of wood might seem unusual, but its the sort of outside-the-box thinking fans have come to expect from valiant.

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