Local author shares aviation ABC book with Lord Baltimore students | Education

Author Joanne Guilfoil visits Lord Baltimore Elementary School to discuss her aeronautic-themed ABC book.

Local author Joanne K. Guilfoil took Lord Baltimore Elementary School first- and second-graders on a morning “flight of imagination” over Delmarva on Tuesday, March 29, thanks to the sponsorship of the Friends of the South Coastal Library (FOSCL). FOSCL hosted the spring program, which brought together local author Guilfoil with students and their teachers to explore her book, “The ABCs of Flying Over Delmarva.”

A paperback book about Delmarva aircraft for young readers, the book portrays each alphabet letter with a large color photo of an airplane or pilot, a drawing to color and words that rhyme.

Guilfoil shared many stories with Lord Baltimore students. She brought to life local aviators, talking about how they first learned to fly, how that skill evolved for various uses both personal and professional, and even offered tales of some of their airborne antics. Many hands shot into the air, when Guilfoil asked, “How many of you students think you might want to grow up to be a pilot?”

FOSCL provided first- and second-grade teachers with a copy of the colorful book for the classroom, and students each received their own copy of the companion activity book, “Flying over Delmarva A to Z: People, Places and Planes,” a themed Coloring book designed for the lower grades.

In coordination with Jane Hickman, FOSCL and Guilfoil will be taking their show on the road May 25 and 26, heading to the Early Learning Center in Dagsboro for a presentation to young students there.

FOSCL representatives said bringing authors to the classroom encourages students to read and write more, helps motivate reluctant and struggling readers, and offers a chance for students to see a real person talk about their creative career.

In addition to sponsoring children’s school and library programs, FOSCL provides resources to enhance the library experience of South Coastal Library’s patrons, raising funds for all its projects. The proceeds from community events including the annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour and new Pop-Up Book Sales go directly back into programs serving the community.

Those interested in joining FOSCL and supporting projects like the school partnership can contact FOSCL at (302) 537-5828 or info@FOSCL.com for more information. For more information on Joanne Guilfoil, visit https://shorebooksllc.com.


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