Parents’ rights and public schools

This opinion column was submitted by Donne Levy, a former community college history instructor.

Yet another divisive, controversial issue is raging, in America and Northern Nevadans are not exempt. What should parents’ rights in public schools be? It’s time to gain a commonsense perspective.

My perspective comes from being a parent of three children, two educated in public schools and one mostly in a private school. I have been an educator of youth from elementary to college, mostly in public schools.

This issue is not new. In 1954, when the Supreme Court handed down the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka school integration decision, parents organized and protested. Those parents believed in the right to determine the skin color of their children’s classmates and whether textbooks and teachers’ lessons should be open to the Civil Rights Movement and Black achievements. That clamor diminished, but today the parents’ rights movement is back with a vengeance.

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