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The admonition to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes means before judging someone, you must understand his/her experiences, challenges, thought process, etc. In effect, it is a reminder to practice empathy.

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The saying goes back to an 1895 poem by American writer Mary T. Lathrap entitled Judge Softly, later retitled Walk a Mile in His Moccasins. To me it says a lot about society today.

Lathrap was talking about an Indigenous man’s way of life and how he lived every single day. In 2022 we have a very multicultural society, but I still hear jokes and criticism about how people live and practice foreign customs to some of us. Does it really matter?

The internet today is so full of critics it is hard to distinguish if anything they say is based on facts or just their own uneducated opinion. I have been a victim of using a few of these facts and later finding out that they are hogwash.

Many post comments on social media about political figures that are completely wrong. Until you have walked in their shoes keep your opinions to fact not fiction.

Local politics is not free from opinions, some fact-based and others just ramblings with no facts to back them up. Remember that an opinion is simply a viewpoint not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. So before jumping on board, check it out.

I have had many thoughts about COVID-19 but was unsure if any of them were close to the truth. Well, after contracting COVID head-on and isolating now for eight long days, I am beginning to realize how much more this virus does to a person besides all the physical symptoms.

Mine is a mild case – headache, runny nose, deep chest cough and muscle aches. For me, the worst of it is the isolation. There are just so many hours of television a person can take. Thank heavens for the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays and The Master’s golf tourney. One good side effect is a few pounds off this aging body.

We hear a lot about how we can defeat this virus. I think the main combatant is common sense, which seems to be lost in this pandemic. Everyone is in such a rush to get back to normal, and that’s OK, but don’t push common sense aside for a few moments of pleasure.

This has been a wake-up call for me. Mask on for the foreseeable future. I will be avoiding large events where crowding is involved. I will think not only of myself but of others that I will come in contact with while shopping and being out and about.

Good practices plus common sense will eventually get us out of this month.

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