8 Things The DCEU Movies Did Better Than The Comics, According To Reddit

Patty Jenkins’ wonder-woman was both a box office juggernaut in the Summer of 2017 and a major step forward in the DCEU. Its importance to the continuance of the franchise cannot be overstated, as it followed the one-two critically-lambasted punch of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and suicide squad.

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Had wonder-woman not come out between those two movies and Justice Leagueit stands to reason the DC world would have ended there. Wonder Woman 1984 didn’t receive nearly the same response, but in the eyes of Redditors, even that film did some things even better than what was seen in the source material.


The No Man’s Land Scene

Diana going into No Man's Land in Wonder Woman

The “No Man’s Land” scene in wonder-woman is not just one of the best scenes from a superhero film of the past decade, it was arguably the single greatest movie scene of 2017. Fantasyfeasts wrote that they “cried at the No Mans Land scene. Then at the bit where she knees some guy out a window. Then some more when she jumps into a sniper nest, Winston-from-Overwatch style. I raised a lot.”

Pajamabrigadier agreed, writing “The no man’s land scene made me cry too and I don’t think I could fully explain why. Was it because she rushed across this death zone cause she just had to save those people? Was it because it’s the first female superhero movie that’s actually good and I just love it so much? Was it too cool for me to handle? No idea.” The scene works because it’s shot so well, it’s a poignant moment in Diana’s journey for her, and it’s just flat-out cool. It’s the highlight of the film because it carries the weight of the narrative’s thematic elements and central conflict, and it even serves to establish Wonder Woman as the DCEU’s best character just as she was in the DC animated universe.

Wonder Woman (2017) Was Colorful

Wonder Woman battling Ares above the airstrip in Wonder Woman 2017

wonder-woman‘s general aesthetic varied wildly between the world of man and Themyscira. The latter is beautiful, surrounded by clear waters, while the former is surrounded by dust and blood. The former is also a big difference from the general look of the wonder-woman comics.

Superiorspiderman posited that “The coloring was perfect in this film. Loved the contrast between war-torn earth and the island.” Budom then added “How about the monochrome and hints of blue near the end? That really stood out imho. Bittersweet without feeling forced, like a quiet rainy afternoon instead of a deep orange twilight.”

Diana Entering The World Of Man

Wonder Woman As Diana Prince - Wonder Woman 2017

A now-deleted user pointed their focus at the way the movie handled Diana’s adjustment to the more modern age. She’s been on an island with fellow Amazon warriors, not once getting a taste of society, high or otherwise.

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TheRainMonster then agreed by citing the work of Gadot: “Gal Gadot really nailed that. She was naive but also sincere. She never seemed like an idiot, just someone who didn’t understand but found it all interesting.”

The Ares Reveal Worked In The Movie

Ares in Wonder Woman

Not everyone loved the final act of wonder-woman, but there were plenty of Redditors out there who thought that it worked well enough. Furthermore, some found the wildly intelligent Ares’ true identity to be a shock.

Named_after_color wrote “To be honest, I thought they were going to have Dr. Poison be revealed to be Athena or girl Ares or something. I was surprised when it turned out to be who it was.” Then, Vasquez Lives agreed with the Dr. Poison theory: “Dr. Poison was a perfect red herring. You knew it wasn’t the German dude…and they didn’t explain the doctor’s mask or anything so it was easy to figure SHE might be Ares. It took suspicion right off old British stache guy even though he seemed fishy. Pretty good writing!”

Wonder Woman (2017) Accurately Conveyed The Horrors Of War

Wonder Woman Unleashing Her Power - Wonder Woman 2017

The first wonder-woman takes a look at the effects of war not just in the moment, but how it affects ensuing decades. Conflict is born of fear, and Diana has seen better ways to conquer that fear outside of blood, bullets, and bombs.

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Dallywack3r put the effectiveness of the film’s tone very well: “This movie is fu***** dark. And that’s a good thing. The horrors of war are treated as just that, but the film never loses track of the narrative at hand “We came for a Wonder Woman movie, not a somber war film. By balancing the two out, it gives us a satisfying superhero film that also pays respect to the actual horrors of World War 1.”

Wonder Woman & Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor speaking with Wonder Woman in a tower in Wonder Woman 2017

BunyipPouch thought that “Chris & Gal’s boat scene was so great.” Then, r2datu added that “The boat scene, the campfire scene, the dancing scene…their little conversations all ended up being the best parts of the film.”

One of Wonder Woman’s best romances will always be with Steve Trevor, and while Wonder Woman 1984 pushed their post-resurrection romance in some interesting directions, there was still some magic missing from the first installation. Gadot and Pine’s chemistry is so rock-solid in Jenkins’ first movie that it’s impossible for the written word to accurately convey the warmth they display.

Wonder Woman’s Musical Theme

Wonder Woman 2017 poster excerpt

First introduced during the climax of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Junkie XL and Hans Zimmer’s “Is She with You?” is toyed with and placed well throughout the runtime of Jenkins’ wonder-woman, being reserved for the optimal moments, eg the church fight with “Wonder Woman’s Wrath”. Rupert Gregson-Williams also brings other wonderful tracks to the table outside of the Zimmer remix, such as the latter half of “No Man’s Land.”

A now-deleted user put it well: “The Wonder Woman theme is so f****** sick, really added to the film both times it played.” Then, devi83 added “Yea, it definitely had that badass superhero vibe to it.”

Pedro Pascal’s Performance In Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Maxwell Lord

Redditors are not fond of Jenkins’ follow-up, Wonder Woman 1984. However, they’re pretty unified in their support of Pedro Pascal’s performance of him as Maxwell Lord.

For instance, friends-waffles-work wrote that they thought “Pedro Pascal was really great….” Later in the thread, Amazingjaype agreed, writing “Pedro Pascal is the best part.” The whole granting wishes plot didn’t work for the vast majority of Reddit users, but they still found Pascal’s presence to be at the very least entertaining.

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